Thursday, May 19, 2022

I like Thursdays: May 19, 2022

 Happy Thursday!  

It's "I Like Thursday" and time to share a positive post!  Be sure to check out other inspirations at our Lee Anna's website, Not Afraid of Color!  

I didn't sew at all this week because I was outside in the garden and boy did it feel good!  The weather has been wonderful and I wanted to take advantage of it while I could.  There is something so therapeutic about working in the garden.  I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the fresh air too!

Our sweet elderly neighbors down the road got their new gazebo last Friday.  Everyone likes to visit them on their front porch and we all were excited that they had even more room for folks to visit.  A few years ago, the couple rescued some baby squirrels after their mother was killed and feeding squirrels became a kind of passion for them.  They have often said that their friends and the squirrels got them through the worst of the pandemic.  Anyway, they got some gazebo warming gifts including this awesome tin sign which they immediately featured at the front of the gazebo:

Scout and Tinkerbell are enjoying the additional area as well.  This photo cracks me up.  Tinkerbell has more freedom of movement because she is on a longer lead.  Scout often decides that's not fair and sits on Tinker's leash!  😂

Wishing you fair skies and gorgeous weather this weekend!
Have a safe and happy day!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

I Like Thursdays: May 12, 2022

 Happy Thursday!

It's time to celebrate the good in life and post it on "I like Thursdays" hosted by Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color.  

Another season of Call The Midwives ended last Sunday.  The last episode of the season was a real rollercoaster!  I'm also grateful that Restoring Galveston just started a new season.  There is very little on tv that I enjoy but I do like this show!

Little Remi is doing well and she and her Mama are home safely.  My brother (her grandfather --above) apparently is visiting her all the time.  She's his first grandchild and he just can't get enough of her!  I don't blame him!

In the sewing room, I'm only working on a patchwork quilt that uses up charms.  

The garden is where I'm spending most of my time.  There is always so much to do.  But the catbirds are back, a lady cardinal is building a nest nearby, and soon my neighbor and I will be spreading mulch.  I'm so grateful for the young man who lives next door and is willing to let me hire him to help.  Mulching is so necessary here but it's getting more difficult to do as I get older.

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2022

I LikeThursdays: May 5, 2022

 I have the best news this week!

Remi Joanna was born last evening at 5:21 p.m.
She weighted 8 lbs.

My niece Maggie was a trooper.  It was a tough pregnancy and a tougher delivery.  Maggie's labor was induced on Monday but our little baby still took forever in getting her.  We had a chain text going during the whole time and Matt, Maggie's husband and Rema (Maggie's Mom who was allowed to be with her!) kept us updated.  

At one point early Tuesday morning, the baby was in some distress as the umbilical cord was under compression but the doctors filled Maggie with saline which reduced the pressure on the cord.

Both Mama and baby are doing fine!

So this is the best news for our family.  We are relieved that baby Remi and Maggie are both safe.

Today is the perfect day to announce's I Like Thursday sponsored by Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color.  Join her for other positive posts!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

I Like Thursdays: April 28, 2022

 It's Thursday and time to celebrate the little things in life that bring us joy!  Please visit our hostess Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color for more positive posts!

Every year we love spring.  I know why we call it "spring"--it's because at some point, everything seems to pop or spring-up.  My husband was away at work for a week and I told him on the phone, "wait to see you the garden now."  He wasn't disappointed!

Celebrating Canine Friendships!

These two dogs are the best of friends and we are all grateful that we've been able to sit outside with neighbors and enjoy the spring.  Tinkerbell the chihuahua and our poodle Scout just love each other.  

Yes my machine broke.  It seems to happen every spring that I get a good jam but the good news is that I have a repairman that I trust.  It needed the yearly tune-up anyway.  The other good news is it's spring and I could work in the garden instead of sewing.

Another rite of spring are freezer meals.  It's that wonderful time of year when all I have to do for dinner is pull out something that we made a few months ago and heat it up.  I don't have to think about meals so much and I get to clean out the freezer before summer!

Have a wonderful and happy day!

Thursday, April 21, 2022

I Like Thursdays: April 21, 2022

 Greetings and happy Thursday!  Time to share our favorite things and fill the internet with positive energy!

Despite some crappy weather and me being under the weather, it's been a pretty good week.  Mom's latest CT Scan shows the blood clots have all dissolved!

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  The garden is greening up despite the cool temperatures and I have often thought that I like it best even though there isn't many blooms yet!  I just love the greenery and the different textures of the plants.  It's peaceful.

This week I'm also enjoying my Hall Pottery.  The color is China Red.   Family members have sent many pieces they had to me because my kitchen is red and white.

Most of the pieces are from my Great-Grandmother.  Family members have told me that there was a traveling salesman who sold the pieces and my Great-Grandmother would buy a piece every time he came by.  The pottery also looks wonderful with my Pioneer Woman dishes!  Those are the aqua mugs you see to the right of the top shelf.

Mystery gifts!  My mother received a gift basket of crackers and cookies the Saturday before Easter.  No card and no idea who sent them.  Later that day I also received a gift.  No card and no idea who sent this magnificent t-shirt!  It's wonderful!  

 Usually it's my husband that sends us these kinds of gifts but he said it wasn't him!  Thank you to whoever sent our gifts!

Be sure to check out other happy posts over at Lee Anna's at Not Afraid of Color!

Have a safe and happy day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

To-Do-Tuesday: April 19, 2022


Happy Tuesday!  
It's To-Do day hosted by Linda at Texas Quilt Gal.  Please visit her wonderful website for inspiration and what other bloggers are doing!

It was an up and down week.  I didn't get anything done on my quilt because the weather was good and I took the opportunity to work in the garden.  I did finish one more embroidered block.  By the end of the week I was getting ill with a kidney infection and was worn out.  So most of my goals are the same.  We'll see what I get done.

To Do List:

Work on my the quilt for my cousin's grandson.

Continue embroidering my quilt blocks.

Wishing you a safe and happy day!

Continue to work on my embroidery blocks.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

I Like Thursdays: April 14, 2022

 Good morning and happy Thursday to you all!  Today is the day that bloggers share things that make them happy!  Our hostess is Lee Anna from Not Afraid of Color and please visit her blog to view other positive posts!

Scout continues to make us happy.  We have three bunnies eating our garden and the bunnies tend to startle Scout.  After she learns she can't catch them, she stands above a small bunny statue in our garden as if to say, "Well I have this one," but still keeps a watchful eye for more bunnies.  Silly goil.

Work has commenced on the garden.  When I have a free moment, I'm cleaning out leaves that have blown in and all the weeds that seem to pop up everywhere.  It feels wonderful to be outside again!

The weather here is WARM and was in the 80s yesterday.  We are getting more seasonable weather (in the 60s) this weekend.

I'm still enjoying "Call the Midwives" on PBS and convinced my neighbor she has to watch it too.  Another show I appreciate these days is "Home Work" on HGTV.  The couple in Utah are charming and I like that they have a different designing scheme than most (no grey, no modern, etc).

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 12, 2022


Good morning and welcome to To-Do-Tuesday hosted by Linda at Texas Quilt Gal!

Yes, I've been gone for over a month.  I'm finally getting my sewing groove back.


Some finishes:

Two baby quilts for the twins that were born in March.  Both of the baby girls were over 6 lbs each! 

My niece loves sloths and I made two of these baby quilts with a sloth (and other animals) print.  One is for my niece Maggie who is due in May with her first baby girl.  The other I gave to the neighbor down the street who recently became a grandmother to a beautiful little girl!

Part of the reason I haven't been posting is that I'm doing a lot of embroidery right now and it is taking me a good long time to get projects done.  I did finish the April block for my Bunny Calendar quilt:

So what's on the agenda for the following week?  Well I am hoping to finish piecing this top for my cousin's new grandson.
He was born in the fall and I'd like to get the quilt to him before he turns 1!  😂

I finished the blocks yesterdays and hopefully I will have time to piece it this week.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks with caring for sick family members.  We'll see if I can get it done and ready for the quilter! 🤞

Wishing you a safe and happy day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Blog Break

Just taking a break right now until I actually FINISH sewing something.  I just needed a break.

Be back when I'm ready...

Thursday, February 24, 2022

I like Thursdays: February 24, 2022

 Today is Thursday and time to post things we like!  Lee Anna is our hostess at Not Afraid of Color.  If you need a pick-me-up, join us or read us as we attempt to fill the internet with happy energy.

The weather is beginning to change--even it is a yo-yo of temperatures.  We finally got to sit out with neighbors and Scout had "Tinker time" with her favorite pal, Tinkerbell:

Of course, every time we get a day like that we get storm, last Saturday it was a snow squall which was fun to watch:

It was so warm yesterday I was sweating in my spring jacket.  Tomorrow we get more snow.  Welcome to springtime in Pennsylvania! 

I like that I organized my digital photographs.  I have 2 external hard drives and I finally organized the photos of quilts and textiles on them.  Yes!

Scout's been enjoying the outdoor show this week.  The Gas company is reinforcing/replacing the lines in the street.  Scout's enjoyed barking at the workmen!

My husband is working locally which doesn't happen much!  It's nice to be able to see and feed him at the end of the day.  Hopefully he will be home for a few weeks.  He was gone most of 2022 so far!

That's all for now.  Have a safe and happy day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tuesday To-Do List: February 22, 2022


We are getting back to normal here and time to post our  Tuesday To-Do-List! Please visit our hostess Linda at Texas Quilt Gal for more inspiration from our quilting bloggers!

I'm still working on my snowball quilt blocks!  I thought I was down to the last 4--but now my best friend has asked if I could make it a queen size.  😳 She likes and wants it!

Finished the February calendar block:

And now, working on March!

I'm also going to begin binding 6 baby quilts!  

Hope the weather is good for you!  Our weather temps are up and down these days but I can feel spring in the air!

Have a safe and happy day!


Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Our weekend was good until Saturday night.  "A coating to an inch of snow, the forecasters warned..."
Instead we received 5-6 inches.

Hope your day is full of love and warmth!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

 Happy Thursday!  Today we celebrate all that is good in life and post it on our blogs.  "I like Thursdays" is hosted by Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color.  Join us and enjoy the positive energy on the internet!

The temperatures have warmed up and most of the snow has melted.  Scout and I continue our park walks and enjoying the nature there!  The days are getting longer and now I'm so looking forward to spring!

My husband came home last night after working in the northern Midwest for over a month.  It was good to see him again and I made him a nice pork chop dinner with chocolate cake for dessert.  Unfortunately he got a call from work as soon as he walked through the door and left 12 hours later to work in Iowa.
But at least I got to see him for a few hours...

Sometimes watching an old series on tv is like welcoming an old friend.  Lewis aka Inspector Lewis is being rebroadcast on our local PBS station.  It's my favorite of the Morse series and it was great to see the first episode again.  I had even forgotten who dunnit!

Finally, I like Don Mclean's version of the song "Count Your Blessings" which often soothes me when I'm too restless to sleep.  I'm sure you can find a rendition on youtube.  Yesterday I received a lovely card from a friend and the message was one of support and to take care of myself.  Thank you Diana!  You are one of my blessings!

Have a safe and happy day!   

Tuesday, February 8, 2022


 It's Tuesday and time for To-Do-Tuesday lists of things we hope to accomplish during the next week.  I didn't participate last week because I knew how busy I would be with my mom.

Join the other blogs and visit our hostess, Linda, at Texas Quilt Gal!

I've been puttering along with my projects whenever I could sneak away into the sewing room.

I'm still working on my snowball blocks.
I'm half done and still plugging away...

Working on my February block!

I'll continue these projects this week!

The only other thing I would like to get done are my valentines which I hope to get mailed this week!

Have a safe and happy week!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

I Like Thursdays: February 3, 2022

 Happy Thursday!  Thursday is always are happy days because it's "I like Thursday" and time to post positive things!  Hosted by Lee Anna, please visit the other bloggers and Lee Anna here!

This week was a no sewing week as I focused on mom.  There were doctor appointments and yesterday was her birthday.  I am happy to report that she had a wonderful birthday!

She received lots of cards and flowers!

Before the pandemic, she always liked to go to Olive Garden for her birthday.  This year I brought OG to her and picked up a lunch (curbside) for her.  She loved it!

It was a really good day for her and I think she was really touched by all the well wishes she received!


On Saturday, Scout and I returned from my mom's to find a surprise in our garden!  Our neighbor Denise was there and she was trying to catch one of the family's kittens. Calvin had escaped and jumped into our yard!  I don't think he was expecting to run into a 50 lb. poodle!  Calvin was gone in a flash and ran back into his home!  Scout was disappointed.  She wanted to smell him and has hunted through the garden everyday to see if he was back!

I like snow tracks!

Above: Little Calvin paw prints and Scout's paw prints!
Below, little bird tracks!

When I visit Mom, our time is constantly interrupted by her dog Kerry and all her shenanigans.  About the only time the dog is quiet is when we are eating or she is getting a snack.  Then she is a really GOOD dog!

"What have your got there Uncle Jim?"

Yesterday I found another solution.  I opened the front door, made sure the screen door was locked and let the dogs enjoy the neighborhood activity.  It worked!  No shenanigans!  We'll use this method when Mom and I want to watch another episode of "Brokenwood Mysteries" together!

Wishing you a safe and happy week!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Ground Hog Day!

 Just watched the news and Phil's prediction is 6 more weeks of winter!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yes, my mom's birthday is on Ground Hog's Day.

She has always maintained that no matter what Phil sees, there is always 6 weeks of winter left.

It's a busy week, no to-do-list this week as I am celebrating mom's day with her and also she has doctor appointments this week.  

Wishing you a safe and happy week--especially you in the south and midwest that are facing wintery storms the next few days.  

Have a safe and happy day!

Thursday, January 27, 2022

I like Thursdays: January 27, 2022

 It's Thursday and time to brighten up the internet with happy thoughts!  "I like Thursdays" was invented and is hosted by Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color.  Share your gratitude and be sure to visit the other bloggers at Lee Anna's site here.

I love Alstroemeria--or Lily of the Incas-- especially in the winter.  They are such a pretty flower and bloom in all different colors.  Plus the flowers last for almost 2 weeks.


It's fun to watch Scout in our yard.  You just never know what kind of tracks you'll see here.  The photo above is the front yard and the new fox hole we found there.  This is near where the chipmunks were living so I'm sure the fox was looking for a snack.  

Scout and I continue to walk at our local park.  With temperatures that are all to often below freezing, it is the safest place for us to walk and avoid ice.  It's cold but necessary for us to get a good walk in at least once a day.  I just checked the weather forecast and it looks like we are going to avoid a major snowstorm this weekend because the storm is heading off to the east.

Wishing you all a happy and safe weekend!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

To-Do-Tuesday: January 25, 2022

 Happy Tuesday!  Time to post my goals for the week for "To-Do-Tuesday" hosted by Texas Quilt Gal!  Please be sure to visit her site for Linda and the other quilters work for some inspiration!

Last week's goals:

1- Continue to make snowball blocks:  Work has continued on the snowballs.  I have some blocks to assemble from last week's pile of snowballs!

2- Cut fabric for the Romper Babies quilt: Done!

Next week's goals:

1- Continue to scan photos and ephemera.  For years I've collected antique photographs, trade cards, and illustrations.  There are hundreds!  I was looking for a specific photograph last weekend and of course it was the very last photograph (it's on my other blog).  I decided to scan everything under different categories and organize these images in my external hard drive.  I'll do a little every day!

2- Continue to make snowballs!

Have a safe and happy day!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

I Like Thursdays: January 20, 2022

 It's Thursday and time to post things we like on the internet!  Hosted by Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color, please visit all the bloggers for a pick-me-up and some inspiration!

I like having a moment to BREATHE!  Life has been chaotic the last few months and the inclement weather of this week has really been a blessing.  On Monday I did some sewing and finished my first calendar block.  As I worked on it, I realized that in other years, this was a project that I would have whipped out in no time.  But life is what it is.

I also made myself a meal that my husband doesn't like:  

Spaghetti and Meatballs!

My husband doesn't care for meatballs, I don't know why.  He likes a heavy chunky sauce filled with ground meat.  I made my meal differently.  The sauce was very plain--like what you tend to actually get when you are in Italy.  While I ate, I reminisced about Italy.  In many parts of the country, you get a plate of pasta with a plain meatless sauce as a precursor to the main course.  Some parts of Italy start off with a salad, go to the pasta, and then the main course.  Other parts (northern as I remember) end the meal with the salad.

Meatballs remind me of my friend Beth.  She is half Italian and learned to make meatballs from her Italian grandmother.  Her meatballs are the best you will ever taste!  She uses bread soaked in milk to bind the meat.  Some of the best lunches I've ever had were at her house--meatballs and an antipasta (no pasta) and so filling!

Scout likes meatballs too!

Scout and I think that the fox has been in our yard during this week's inclement weather.

This hole is about a foot wide and I suspect that the fox made a meal of a rodent (chipmunk or vole) in our garden.  It's so amazing to see how the garden changes in the winter!

Wishing you a great weekend! 

Have a safe and happy day!