Thursday, April 29, 2021

I like Thursdays: April 29, 2021

 Apologies for not posting last Thursday...I simply forgot about it!  It's been a busy few weeks! 

We are almost done with our 2 week wait period after our vaccine and we are ecstatic!  My first trip will be to our local quilt shop as I need backing fabric.  I can't wait and am making a list for what I want to look for on Saturday.  It's the first time I'll do anything alone (without husband or dog) since the pandemic began!

Other good news to share:

Scout is allowed to get groomed next week!  As of yesterday she was allowed to try to eat kibble (versus the boiled potatoes and meat she was on the last month).  We got a prescription food from the vet but when Brad brought it home, she smelled the bag and started dancing.  We made a big fuss over "daddy food" and she gobbled up a half cup of food and didn't get sick!

Scout still sleeps a lot but as the vet reminded us, it will take a while to get over this infection.  She has two more antibiotic shots.  In the meantime she is enjoying what we call dog tv.  She watches the squirrel channel with her friend Tinkerbell.  Yesterday the bird channel featured a confrontation between a grackle and a pair of robins protecting their nests (the robins won) and the bunny channel was very popular on our walk:

It's humid today and we need rain desperately here.  I'm hoping we get a good storm and good soaking for our garden today. Joining in with our friends who post with Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color!

 Have a safe and happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: April 27, 2021

 I can't believe I forgot to do "I Like Thursdays" last week but somehow it just slipped my mind.  Anyway, I'm back and here to report on sewing progress.

Last week's goals: 

A photo from a part of last year's garden.

The first was weeding.  I have a huge garden and I didn't weed last autumn when my husband was ill.  I finally finished the first sweep of weeding on Saturday.  I had filled 14 garbage cans of these little awful weeds.  It's still not time to mulch the garden (which always helps inhibit weeds) but at least I can pull some plants for neighbors who requested some of my plants.  It's a relief!

It was cold and wet on Sunday and I got a lot done!

I finished Linda's window runner and attached binding to Jenny's quilt.  But when I was working with my poodle quilt and about to measure out binding, I realized that I had pricked my finger and gotten blood on the backing.  I used cold water to try to clean it up and my red fabric ran!

I always pre-wash my fabrics with color catchers and this surprised me.  I used some Dawn to see if I could stop the bleeding but it didn't work.  Fortunately one of my best friends worked as a quilt restorer and she gave me some advice which appears to be working.  The process isn't done but it is looking better!

My 30 Double Dip blocks are also finished!  

So for next week, I'm hoping to piece the Double Dip top together, continue working on the bleeding poodle quilt and get it bound.  Work will continue in the garden as I have soaker hoses to lay down and more plants to deliver to neighbors.

Hope you are having a safe and happy week!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

To-Do Tuesday: April 20, 2021

 It's To-Do-Tuesday!  Today we post our list of to-dos and share them at Chris' website as well!  Checking in on the party is great way to find some inspiration!!!

Last week I had only hoped to work on some of my double dip blocks and I did...although I didn't finish them and I didn't expect that I would.  It's gardening season and these days I spend most of my time filling garbage cans full of weeds!

It's supposed to be cooler later this week and I suspect that I will get more sewing done, depending on the weather and how the weeding progresses.  So for next week:

1. Weeding

2. Double dip blocks

3. Bind Linda's window runner

4. Attach binding to Jenny's and the Paris Poodle quilts.

Have a safe and happy day!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

I like Thursdays: April 15, 2021

I'm sharing happy things for "I like Thursdays!"  Hosted by Lee Anna, go on and see all the other bloggers who are filling the internet with positive energy!

Scout is gradually improving.  She gets another antibiotic injection next week and still naps a lot.  But I do see an improvement in her!

I've been doing some weeding.  I take a blanket out for Scout and she lies on it while I work.  Why the blanket?  Because Scout, like everyone else I know, is allergic to tree pollen and I don't like her laying in the stuff.   It will probably be three more weeks until the weeds are cleared.  There's a lot of weeds because I hardly worked in the garden last autumn.  Brad hurt his back in September and I spent the next 4 months caring for him.  
I love this new seat/kneeler I got at Gardener's Supply Company!  My knee can still bother me but sitting on this little stool sure helps!

Because Scout was sick last week, I gave Kerry Scout's grooming appointment.  She's a little skinny minny now!

Brad and I get our second vaccine on Saturday and that is the thing I like most this week!  Wishing all of you a safe and happy weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: April 13, 2021

 It's To-Do-Tuesday!  I've been busy but managed to put together a few blocks for Kairle Oaks Double Dip Quilt Sew Along.  It's the only sewing project I'm really working on while caring for Scout and managing family responsibilities.  

This is usually my sewing slow down time anyway.  The garden needs a lot of weeding.  I spent all last fall caring for my husband before and after his back surgery so I have a lot of weeds to dig out before the spring mulching.

I hope you are all doing okay and stay safe!

Friday, April 9, 2021


I needed to take this week off from blogging.  
Scout became ill on Monday.
So anyway, she's been through a bunch of tests and bloodwork...

Our vet is pretty confident she has a stomach infection which will take a few weeks to heal but at least it isn't anything more serious.  So she's resting a lot and I'm doting on her right now.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Thursday, April 1, 2021

I like Thursdays: April 1, 2021

 It's "I like Thursdays" and time to post happy news on the internet!  For more happy posts, visit Lee Anna's blog here!

I finished all my WIPS and quilt tops!  April Fools!  Nope haven't that made that kind of progress on my stash yet!

Happy April Fool's Day!

This little vixen came to visit us this past week!

Okay mostly she bites poor Scout in the butte 😝

But Scout was a good sport!

My husband has been home for 13 whole days and boy it's been great!  Sometimes he drives me nuts with some of his habits but to be honest, I'm really grateful he's home.  We've gotten a lot of things done: our first vaccines, our taxes, hung the swing in the yard, and even took some metal to the recycling center.

Until today it was beautiful and warm.  The garden is coming back in gangbusters!  Next week I hope to lay down the new soaker hoses and then we'll get the front yard mulched (I hope).  It just feels good to be outside!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and stay safe!

Have a great day!