Thursday, March 28, 2019

I like Thursdays, March 28, 2019

Welcome to "I like Thursdays" hosted by LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color!  What did I like this past week?  It got warmer out and the crocuses are blooming.  We are expecting even warmer temps this weekend and I can't wait to work in the garden!

I'm really enjoying changing up the garden this year.  It's a lot of fun to take the time to reimagine it.  I wouldn't say that it is a simpler layout but a more cohesive color scheme.  It's a lot of fun and gardening is one of the few hobbies that provides instant gratification; no matter what you do it always looks better when you are finished!

Speaking of flowers, two of my neighbors are antique dealers and they recently gave me this early McCoy vase that I love!  They thought I would like it because it is yellow and from the early twentieth century.  I've been writing about women's suffrage lately and they hoped it would keep my inspired--it does!

I like these appliques from my newest addition to my quilt collection.  It is a crazy quilt and I love the pony and the Great White Pyraneese dog!

Well I hope you are enjoying the springtime (or the autumn if you are from down under)!  Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Welcome Spring! I like Thursdays: March 21, 2019

Happy Spring!
My daffodils aren't blooming yet but I'm excited that soon they will be!

I bought a new quilt old quilt in February and it reminds me of spring too!

I also found this wonderful runner that is embroidered and crocheted!

Yesterday I worked in the garden.  I've got two overgrown rose bushes that I'm removing a little at a time.  Despite their rigourous growth, they have a virus and have to be completely be removed from the garden out front.  I'm more fortunate than the Rose Garden in our park.  The city has had to remove hundreds of bushes with the virus.  If you ever see this on your roses, it isn't good:

Image result for rosette virus

Image result for rosette virus

Image result for rosette virus

I was going to change the garden out front anyway so it isn't a big deal.  I'm just glad I figured it out!

Spring makes me want to clean out things besides the garden.  This week I cleaned and reorganized a number of cupboards and it feels much better!  

This is my junk cupboard.  I cleared about two boxes of things out of here.  

Gardens grow and change like everything else.  If you enjoy gardening, check out Monty Don (books, netflix, etc.).  I love how he writes and the thoughts he shared in March which you can find here:

Visit LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for more fun positive posts!
Wishing you a happy and peaceful week!  Hugs!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I like Thursdays, March 14, 2019

"I grad-u-cated from obedience school!
Everyone says I am so cute and even when mom and I messed up we got lots of applause!  I didn't like the hat though."

Image result for vintage st. patrick's day card poodle
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

I almost forgot it's Thursday! March 7, 2019

Things that I almost forgot to share with you today!
I love fastnachts!
 Fastnachts are donuts the Pennsylvania Dutch make to celebrate Fat Tuesday.  On Tuesday,  I walked Scout early in the morning.  It was 23 degrees with a windchill of 5.  I was surprised to see an elderly lady we know carrying a basket.  I asked her if she needed help,  but she declined my offer.  She was delivering fastnachts she had  made at dawn to the neighbors.  That counts for reason #472 as to why I love my neighborhood!

I like the snowglobe effect.
It doesn't happen often but sometimes when it is snowing, the boughs of the cedar and the aborvitae  bend with the weight of the snow and the patio doesn't get snowed on much at all.  Scout and I went out the night it snowed and it was like watching the storm from the inside of a snowglobe!

 I liked the pretty sky the next day!

Last week, Scout's graduation from obedience school was postponed due to storms.  Hopefully we will be able to celebrate with all her dog friends on Saturday!

Speaking of dog friends, she had a wonderful romp on Sunday with Eddie a dog a few streets away!  He is one of the few dogs we know who is about her age and they had a blast together!

Have a wonderful week!