Saturday, November 30, 2019

The hills are alive...

Having a great weekend and especially because my hubby got home last night!!!  I have been sewing during this cold weekend.  We are expecting snow on Sunday which is the best weather to sew in!  What is the weather like where you are?

Have a safe and blessed day!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! I Like Thursdays: November 28, 2019

'Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving' Vintage Advertisement

Among my blessings, I count my cyber friends!

Here are this weeks likes:

I'm so grateful to all of you and your inspiration!  This past year I've been busy with the suffrage centennial but I've enjoyed looking at your projects so much!  In particular, many of you do scrap challenges--sometimes rainbow themed, others just a great way to use up scraps and I've loved all your photos and thoughts!  I have a brief break before the new year and couldn't wait to get up to my sewing room to see what scraps I could use up!

Right now I am working to use up green scraps.  I have a person in mind for the lap quilt I want to make but I'm hoping to get two quilts out of the scraps so  I have one for a donation quilt.

I'm still on a campaign to use up big print fabrics (I think I only have one fabric left after this top!).  I go in phases with sewing and right now I just want to use these prints in the easiest way possible.  These aren't my favorite colors but there's a lid for every pot and I'm sure one of the teens will like this quilt.  Sorry for the wrinkles--Scout decided she had to lay on this top while I photographed it.  Silly puppy.

Did you get to see "The Chaperone" on PBS last week?  It was wonderful!

As always I'm grateful for family and friends that have become family.  This autumn, we had some new additions to the family.  My niece Maggie got married to this handsome guy:
And she is now the proud stepmom to this little guy:
My baby brother has really embrace the role of grandpa and you can tell the little guy has embraced the idea too!  We love having new young 'uns in the family!
I know that many of you are facing weather challenges this week and I hope you all remain safe and warm.  My husband is working in northern Canada through the weekend and they are getting a lot of snow right now.  Stay safe and warm!   Don't to forget to visit the other "I likers" at LeeAnna's!   Happy Thanksgiving!  

Thursday, November 21, 2019

I lke Thursdays: November 21, 2019

Well it's "I like Thursdays" day and time to post some positive energy on the internet!  Visit our hostess LeeAnna for more positive posts!

I'm finally done with my travel lectures for 2019.  I've been doing fall cleaning and walking Scout frequently before more cold weather sets in.  The thing I don't like about this time of year is the lack of sunlight.  Fortunately, I have enough projects to keep me busy!

I'm sewing again and that is a real mood lifter!

I received a wonderful suffrage calendar in the mail which began some detective work.  I had no idea who had sent it!  Finally after I contacted the company that mailed it, I learned my dear friend Pam had sent it to me as a belated birthday present.  Thanks Pam!  It has wonderful suffrage illustrations in it:

Scout and I have also been doing some garden clean-up!  I do try to leave certain plants out for the birds, including flower seed heads.  I was heartened to see a dule of mourning doves in my back garden yesterday.  There were over 20 birds there munching away!  I had to take the photo from inside the house so as not to disturb them.  

I don't have much more than this.  I'm just plugging along trying to get the house in order before the holidays.  Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

I Like Thursday: November 14, 2019

Happy Thursday!  How are you doing?

I like watching tv with my dog!

If you have PBS where you live, then definately check out the Secret Lives of Dogs!  It's a British documentary and so interesting.  Do you know that the a dog's nose print can be used to identify dogs like a fingerprint?   The Canadian kennel club has used this identification for their dogs since---1938!!!  Clever Canadians!!   Scout and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening our local PBS played back to back episodes.  
Although Scout wasn't quite sure about that guy taking his dog paragliding with him (don't worry Scout, we'll never do that).

I like Ginko trees.  I don't want one in my little yard but I do appreciate seeing them.  Do you know the leaves drop from tree all at once?  It was a special day when I worked at the college and we all looked forward to the one day when our vice-president would run through our offices to tell us, "It's ginko day."  We'd all ooh and ahhh about the golden showers of leaves falling.

We have a few of them in our neighborhood and on Saturday it was ginko day!

I don't have so much to share these days.  I've been working and lecturing a lot and today is the last program I give for 2019.  I'm looking forward to doing some sewing!

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

I Like Thursday: November 7, 2019

I like sunlight through gold leaves,

Our youngest grandchild Miles--who turned 10 on Tuesday!
Puppy friends who all get along!

I like this meme:

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