Thursday, June 9, 2016

Views from the Garden!

 Greetings from the cottage!  Seamus appears to have turned a corner the last day or so and I am so grateful!  It's still a long road (he'll have this condition for the rest of his life) but we are making do.  He sits on a blanket outside with me and sleeps (he sleeps A LOT when he isn't eating/drinking all the time from the steroids).  I'm finally catching up with the garden.

Black lace Elderberry Bush (more like a tree now) through the trellis.

With some foxgloves.  Some of the foxgloves got to 61.5 inches high this year!

Speaking of the trellis, we didn't put a vine on it this year, we put on 
LIGHTS!!!  With a timer that turns it on at dusk for a few hours:

Keeping a garden is a lot of work.  I'm currently changing everything due to crowding and things seeding were they doesn't belong.  I'm also providing neighbors with the overflow plants for their gardens.  This weekend should be helpful in getting things more organized.  Then maybe I can sew, be in the house a little, etc.  
Other things blooming and such: