Sunday, July 25, 2010

A time to keep silence

My beloved grandmother, Nana Betty, passed away on July 16.  We had always been close and through the last years of her life, we were even closer.  It was a privlege to care for her and recipricate all the comfort and love she had given throughout her life.  She would have been 90 on August 9; I thought I would have a little more time with her and still can't believe she is gone.  The blessing in all this is that she did not suffer, was never in pain, and wasn't even on any medication.  She just went to sleep and passed on and for this, I am grateful to God.

My oldest dog Paddie is now sick.  Something is attacking her immune system, her red blood count is low, she is uanble to eat much and is very weak.  The vet is hoping it is a tick borne problem and we are waiting for more test results.  She is almost 13 years old and I am hoping that I can have her just a little longer.  Ultimately, her comfort is the most important thing. 

Please know that is why I  am quiet right now.  It is just my time to keep silence.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain at last!

If you hear a great big "Aaaaah" from the Northeast, it's the fact that we finally have rain...and a good soaking rain at that.  It's the first morning I haven't had to rush outside to water first thing in the morning and I'm delighted!  Been catching up with blogs.

The Nana Memory quilt is coming along well and I'll blog about that later today or tomorrow.  In the meantime, have a great day!

Friday, July 9, 2010


It's still hot here in Northeast Pennsylvania.  We are praying for rain today, tomorrow, and Sunday as it is exceedingly dry and the plants are just burning up at this point.  I'm not on the computer much because we were told at the beginning of the week to conserve electricity (boo hoo for me--no clothes washing either :D ).  I have been sewing a great deal trying to complete all the blocks for Nana's Memory quilt.  Nana will be 90 in August and I want it to be done in time for her birthday.

On the puppy front, Teddy and Paddie are pretty content staying indoors.  Once in a while, Teddy goes out and barks at everything and then comes in and rests from all the exertion.  Seamus is more challenging.  This morning we played regular catch for a few moments before I became concerned for his temperature.  Mostly we play "dogcer" a canine version of soccer that we play on the side of the house.  Seamus throws the ball to me, I kick and he tries to keep the ball from getting past him.  It entertains both of us (we need so little) and the side walkway is usually more shady (although we don't dare do this midday).

I'll catch up on everyone's blog as soon as this passes and hope everyone is doing well! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

garden updates

It's hot---Dangerously Hot the weather people are reporting.  This morning I noticed that many of my plants had burned leaves from just yesterday's sunshine.  These are pics I took this weekend while I ran the sprinkler.  We are hoping for rain in a few days and are only being outside during the early morning and late twilight, especially because I worry about the dogs.  STAY COOL!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fairy Treasure Hunt

The photos pretty much tell the story of the Garden Fairy Treasure Hunt at Nana's this past week.  Unfortunately, I can't rotate the above photo (blogger decided it is going to post it this way despite even my cropping efforts).  The welcome sign is what the girls made on Tuesday to encourage the Fairies to come to the garden.  The girls had so much fun and it kept Helena occupied while I cared for Miles who wasn't feeling so well.