Thursday, April 25, 2019

I like Thursday: April 25, 2019

What's new in your neck of the woods?  Here are some of my happy thoughts of the week:
Pretty walks with Scout!  The whole neighborhood is blooming now.  I enjoy all the colors this time of year.  Scout is enjoying seeing her dog friends.

The daffodils have faded except for this late blooming one.
Now the tulips are filling the garden:

My son worked on Easter so we didn't get to see the grandkids but they apparently had a great day.  This is some of their haul from the holiday.

The big news of the week is this tree.  12 years ago, I planted a branch from a floral design that was my delivered to my Mom.  It had rooted in the vase so I thought I was getting an interesting bush or small tree.  Turns out it is a curly leaf willow.  We've had neighborhood problems with branches falling down and smashing property.  My poor neighbor Karen has had her vinyl fence smashed two times this past year.  Brad and I decided it was time to take down the tree--which the tree guys said was 55 feet or more high.

It fascinates me to watch the men do their work.  This was dangerous since the tree was surrounded by wires but they managed to finally get it down.

Some of the carnage.  Yes, the garden took a hit but I had moved my most treasured plants before they arrived.

The garden looks a bit naked now but you have to look at these things as an opportunity.  Gardens change just as people do often because of factors that are out of our control.  My front yard is getting less sunlight simply because the neighbors' trees have grown so I'll be moving some shade plants to the front and  add sun loving plants to the back yard.

Wooly Bully is doing well :)  She gets her hair cut next Tuesday!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  Join LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for more fun positive posts!  

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Holiday Thursday: April 18, 2019

Good morning and holiday greetings!
My neighbor has decorated the forsythia bush and it makes me smile every time I see it!

In the garden, the bleeding heart are blooming and everything is awakening.  Every time I step out, it is greener and greener.

I just love this lovely arrangement we found when we were walking.  
The flowers were growing between the cracks of the pavement!  Isn't it lovely?
We had storms this past week and many of the daffodils are fading now.  The doubles are just blooming now!

And now for news on Scout.  She is getting groomed the last day of this month.  She makes me laugh at this point because she is so hyper that she keeps missing bunny sightings.  One day this past week there was a bunny not one feet from her and standing so still with fear.  Scout didn't notice her at all/ She was convinced that the tree stump on the other side of the alley was an animal she missed the whole show.

It's a quiet holiday for us.  So many family members have health problems and we are just focusing on them instead of big togethers.  

Wishing you a happy and blessed holiday!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

I like Thursday: April 11, 2019

Happy Spring Thursday!

Where are you finding happiness this week?  Join LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for more positive posts!

This week we love dog friends!  Scout knows where every one of her friends lives and drags me by each one's house.  Luca is one of her favorite friends!

Willis came by to visit Scout at home and decided that all our plants needed some (ahem) watering.  Scout didn't care she was so enthralled to have a friend over!

Scout also loves her people friends and insist she visits our neighbors each day.  They spoil the heck out of her too :)

It's gardening season which means a lot of clean-up and pruning.  I like the work so much and find it peaceful and happy.  It's like visiting an old friend and I like the discoveries I find, like last season's bird nest:

For over two decades I've lived in this neighborhood and always wondered about these pretty blue flowers that emerge this time of year.  FINALLY I thought to ask one of my neighbors if he knew the name of them--and he did!
They are called "siberian squill" and in some areas just fill the lawns with blue.

I was at the garden center and saw this funny poodle watering can.  It's for a child and my grandkids are too old but I thought it was a hoot!

I hope you have a pleasant week and am praying for those in the midwest who are enduring snow and blizzards!  Stay safe and warm!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

I like Thursdays, April 4, 2019

It's hard for me to imagine it's already April!  Happy Thursday and another day of positive posts.

I love spring!  The daffodils and lungwort are blooming!

It's my favorite time of year and that means more physical work in the garden but it is always worthwhile.  We've had a lot of sunny days lately and even when it's brisk out, I enjoy strolling through the garden to assess the leaves budding on bushes and the plants surfacing in the garden!

It was fun to see this pair of mallards enjoying the sun at my neighbor's pond!

I like alstromeria and picked up this bunch at the grocery store.  These soft colors of pink and white really appeal to me right now.

I'm fortunate that I live in an area where I can get three different PBS channels.  This week I'm really enjoying "Call the Midwives" and "Mrs. Wilson."  I'm reading Monty Don's book "Down To Earth" and enjoying that too.

These days Scout is so overgrown!  She had an ear infection a few weeks ago and because of the medicine she was given, we have to wait to get her spring grooming.  Her top hair is so long, she has a middle part and with the few locks standing on end, she looks like Alfalfa from Little Rascals.  

It's going to be a beautiful day today and I'm going to get a move on so that we can garden early!

Have a great week!