Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall Purge...about a month early...

I don't do a big Spring Clean but always feel inspired in the autumn.  In the spring, I'm more consumed with opening the garden and planning the summer.  It consumes me after being cooped up in the house.  This year even more so than others because our winter was so long.  I couldn't wait to be outside and digging...

My friend Beth and I are both doing ongoing cleaning and organizing.  We spent so much time working on our Civil War program that we tended to let things stack up.  Trying to start a new project in clutter is like trying to write a new story on a page full of doodles.

 I'm also an emotional cleaner.  Losing Teddy and then fostering Rudy plus all the problems my Mother In Law is undergoing is a big catalyst too.  I worry about my husband during this time plus he is working in some not so safe areas.

The great (early) Autumn Purge began a a few weeks ago.  My house looks awful as I have clutter everywhere trying to do determine where to send things...stuff litters every flat surface and has for weeks.  I've taken one truck load to Good Will, two car-fulls of furniture to my son and wife (thankfully they've moved into a new big apartment and actually NEED things), and thrown out what I can.  This week I'm tackling the sewing room and hopefully part of the attic or basement (depending on the heat).  
When this is done, I'll still need to do inventory but hopefully it will be easier in my streamlined home.  Well I'm off to the mines er, sewing room to pull things out and reorganize.  Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Big Dog, Little Dog

Good news for Rudy!  We found a fantastic home for him (just in case)!  Our friend Barb and her family met him this week and fell in love with him.  I know he will be loved, well cared for and be a great companion to Barb and her family.  We are all now in limbo...awaiting to see the status of my Mother In Law (Rudy belonged to her).  It seems unlikely that she will ever be able to return home, she is very weak and very confused.  It is the sad part of this situation.

Before all this happened, I was working on some stashbuster quilts.  I used the Missouri Star Company's tutorial for the Double Slice Quilt pattern to use up some of my Christmas scraps.  I hope to baste that tomorrow and quilt it this week.  Photos to follow. Earlier this year, my scrapbuster pattern of chosie was the D9P:

Here is a photo of my cousin's baby on the quilt I made for her (Disappearing 9 patch).  Isn't Sofie adorable?  

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Rudy likes living with us...a LOT.  We go for walks, we visit my mother, we have a routine.  I would love to keep him but Seamus' nose is still out of joint.  Today Rudy is meeting a friend.   We are still not sure Rudy's Mom-person is coming home from the nursing home so it is good for him to meet some new people.  My mother is in love with him too==but her dog needs to learn he isn't a rabbit to be hunted or a toy to be played with...(yes, poor Rudy).

Thursday, August 7, 2014


It wasn't even two weeks after Teddy passed when I got a call from my husband (stationed overseas).  His sisters had called him and requested we take his Mom's dog, Rudy until she is stronger or safer conditions are arranged for her.  
He is an older male poodle, possibly poodle mix.  He doesn't shed.  Despite that he has been somewhat neglected, he is a happy boy.  He LOVES kids, walks, and being a lap dog.  Yesterday I had him groomed (not above photo) and today he sees the vet.  We don't even know how old he is.

If MIL can't go home, we will find a good home for him.  It's a tough transition for both of them.  Seamus is mourning Teddy and hasn't taken well to another dog coming into the house and poor Rudy is missing his home and owner.  I'll keep you updated...