Sunday, January 31, 2021

Try, try, try again

 It's snowing!  I want to thank the mid-western states and the southern states for this week's pretty snow.  From what I heard on the tv, the two storm fronts will converge right here in the Lehigh Valley and slightly north of us.  Should be a fun coupld of days!

Today I attached my third cross border for the Stay At Home Round Robin.  This week we were to add crosses as our borders and you can actually see what some of the good quilters did over at Emily's at The Darling Dogwood blog!

  I freely confess, I had some real challenges with my choices.  One border was too busy.  Then I decided to imitate Diann at Little Penguin who imitated Pat at Life in the Scrap Patch but the colors I used were too strong.  It seemed like everything I  tried distracted from the centerpiece.  I undid stitches more than anything.  Anyway, I was looking at Roseanne's piece (go to Darling Dogwood) and decided to somewhat imitate her.

This border is still not right to me but I'm going to reduce the side pieces (easy enough) once I see what the new border is tomorrow.  I also want to embellish this piece and want some spots were I can put buttons and doo-dads.  So at least this part is done now.  

Have a safe and happy day!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

More Rainbow Blocks!

 Finished off my rainbow blocks of pink today.  I'm doing blocks as part of So Scrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I'm hoping to make a baby quilt with my blocks.  I'm so grateful these are paper pieced.  I have enough challenges with other projects right now.  

Looking forward to the new color for February!  YELLOW!!! Yippee!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

I Like Thursdays: January 28, 2021

"Baby it's cold out there!"

It's I Like Thursdays and time to fill the internet with positive posts!  To read more happy posts, visit our hostess Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color!

Scout and Kerry continue to get along and each looks forward to their playdates.  Their play has gone from a lot of poodle wrastling to other things now.  Like the stick game:
Chasing each other for the stick-du-jour has become quite popular!  Until one of them decides to try to eat it 😁

I finished my second quilt for 2021:
This is a Christmas quilt for Kathy and I like it so much more than the first one I made.  It's less busy without the cornerstones.  Here's the first one I finished in November:

I'm reading a lot in the evenings but I am appreciating the new rendition of "All Creatures Great and Small" on PBS.  I'm also looking forward to a few new shows on HGTV next week.

I'm grateful we didn't get the snow expected this week although we did get some ice.  

I like finding fabric in my sewing room.  I was looking for one thing and found some fabric hidden in the back of the cupboard.  It was wonderfully exciting for me which tells you how uneventful the days have been--but uneventful is delightful.  

Have a safe and happy week friends!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: January 26, 2021


It's To-Do-Tuesday and time to write a list of this week's goals!

I know Roseanne is having some blog challenges over at Home Sewn By Us, but you can still check out the links of the quilters lists!  It's been a good sewing week for me.

Goals for last week:
1-Continue to work on flower quilt:  Done!  The top is completed.  I had originally put a border of color on it but then took it off.  I just want the flowers to shine:

2 and 3:  Also Done!  I've posted my rainbow blocks and the SAHRR blocks on previous posts.

Goals for next week:
1-Finish binding Kathy's Christmas 2021 quilt.
2-Prepare Linda's quilt for Terri, my machine quilter
3-Continue Rainbow blocks
4-Continue SAHRR, another border to put on!
5-Cut fabric for next quilt.

Geez, I got sidetracked and forgot to publish this!  Anyway, hope you are having a great day!  Stay safe!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Stay at Home Round Robin


Well it's another of the SAH Round Robin!  I finished my piano keys over the weekend.  It's far from perfect but I'm okay with what I accomplished.  I used up scraps from the other scrap quilting I've been working on.  Next we have to apply a plus sign border (details over at The Darling Dogwood here).  

Looking forward to a happy sewing week!  Stay safe!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Rainbow Blocks

Despite my forgetfulness to post, I have been making pink blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  This challenge comes from So Scrappy!  I'm using up scraps from another quilt I'm making.  On Saturdays I rarely post so I've been forgetting to do formally participate.

I ran out of white muslin last week.  I did order some but now I'm using a variety of white scraps on my rainbow quilt.  Mostly just white on white prints but I do have a lot of smaller pieces of this kind of white that I should use up.

Anyway, here's what I have so far...

I work on these blocks on the weekend and it's been nice to use up smaller scraps.

Have a great day and stay safe!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

I Like Thursdays: January 21, 2021


Today is a new day and a happier one!
On Thursdays we share what makes us happy on I Like Thursdays.
Sponsored by Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color, we've been trying to fill the internet with happy energy.  Today I noticed there is a definite upbeat mood on the blogs and throughout social media.  

Admittedly yesterday was a perfect day.  

It actually began the night before with the Memorial for the Covid victims who have passed.  It made me cry but I think I needed it.

The inauguration was wonderful and moving.  The Celebration of America was invigorating and inspiring.  Two things I liked in particular: during the Celebration program, the emphasis was on all of us and what we have done and still can do to make our country better. 

 I liked that President Biden mentioned that he had talked to President Carter on Wednesday.  Obviously at 96 he couldn't and shouldn't attend.  It was great that the President mentioned him though.  Jimmy Carter is a national treasure.

I like that my puppy snuggles with her Lambchop to sleep!


I got presents!!!  In November I won 4 Sisterhood blocks from Roseanne at Home Sewn By Us.  The blocks came with some extra fabric she included.  The package had been mailed in NOVEMBER!  But because of our lack of sorting machines and mail people with Covid, it finally got delivered this week.

Aren't the blocks cool!!!  I love each of them!  I'm glad Roseanne and Sue sent me the green dressed one (inside joke, Roseanne will understand).  I'm hoping to do some more of these in the spring after the next few projects are completed.  Thank you Roseanne and Sue!

My friend Jane also mailed me a pattern she found in her stash that she thought I would like because I have a sunbonnet collection!  Thank you Jane!

Well I'm off to do some happy sewing for a little bit.  The sun is shining and it's a new day!

Have a safe and happy day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: January 19, 2021

 It's Tuesday and time to post weekly goals!  To-Do-Tuesdays are hosted by Roseanne and Sue.  You can join them and peruse what quilters are making at their blog, Home Sewn By Us!

I was successful on one last week goal and failed the other.

I continue to make coneflowers using Lori Holt's Bright Zinnia pattern.  I can't tell you how much I am enjoying piecing this quilt.  It makes me happy and keeps me calm during these unsettling days.  I'm also using up a lot of scraps.

I failed however on posting on So Scrappy's website for the rainbow challenge.  I have to do that this week.  I did make three more blocks though.

Upcoming week goals:

1-Continue making flowers

2-Post on So Scrappy and make a few more Rainbow blocks

3-Make border for the Stay at Home Round Robin

Have a safe and happy day!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

I Like Thursdays: January 14, 2021

 It's Thursday and time to post positive thoughts!  Our hostess is Lee Anna and you can see more of bloggers' happy posts at Not Afraid of Color!

I like this meme and read it to my friend this past week who is a therapist.


My mom and my sister-in-law got their first Covid vaccine.  This is the best thing that happened this past week.

🐕  The Dog Report 🐕

Scout and Kerry continue to play on a daily basis.  I am still trying to get a photograph of Kerry's face.

It's very challenging compared to Scout's gray face!

I like light.  I bought an additional lamp for our living room and it was delivered this week.  I'm hoping to get more embroidery done.

Wishing you a safe and happy day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: January 12, 2021


Good morning!  Today is "To-Do-Tuesday" hosted by Roseanne at Home Sewn By Us!  Each Tuesday we post our goals for the coming week.  It really helps keep me on track.

Last week I accomplished all my goals:
1-Figured out my Round Robin Block (posted yesterday):  Done!

2-Worked on my Rainbow Challenge blocks: Done!
I have to remember to post the progress on So Scrappy blog  on Saturdays.  Good goal for next week!

3-Talked to Jenny's Mom about her quilt: Done!  Her mom said she loves neutral colors.  I've only ever done one neutral quilt and to be honest, I think that was 8 years ago.  Now folks call them "Low Volume" quilts I think.  I'm still researching and debating patterns and fabrics.  Any suggestions would be welcomed!
Next week's goals:
1- Post on So Scrappy blog regarding Rainbow Blocks and continue making blocks.

2-Cut and piece fabrics for what I'm calling "The Coneflower Quilt".  It's Lori Holt's pattern for Bright Zinnia but to me the flowers look more like coneflowers.  
Anyway, piecing this last week calmed me down so I want to focus a bit on them.  Mostly I'm just cutting the fabric for the blocks.  I am not sure if I want to make it 5 blocks by 6 or 5 blocks by 5 yet.

This is enough to keep me busy for now.  Stay safe and have a good day!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Round Robin Begins!


Today the Stay at Home Round Robin begins!  I'm friends with some of the women that are participating and decided to join in!  You can read all about it here at  Quilting Gail's website.

I was really in a quandry about what block to choose.  I have a whole drawer of orphan blocks but the decision was tough anyway.

Here was my choice.  It's an old block that I was made to practice machine applique.  
The color is way off but it is so grey here today I can't seem to get a good image.  Yes, I do have to put some eyes on these birds as well.

Have a good day and think about joining the Round Robin!  Stay Safe!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

I like Thursdays: January 7, 2021

 Thursday is the day we post positive things on the internet!  "I like Thursdays" is hosted by Lee Anna, why not join?  After yesterday, we all need some good news.

I crave citrus this time of year.  For a long time I've had this recipe for lemon blueberry quick bread and made it this week.  I like the recipes at allrecipes/taste of home because I read the reviews.  The day I baked the bread, I wasn't that impressed but just like one reviewer said, put it in the fridge overnight and the lemon really comes through.  It was a big hit with my mom and brother.  Recipe is here.  

The dogs are really get along.  For a long time, Scout has been able to catch treats when they are thrown her way. She's very good at it.  About a week ago, Kerry decided she wanted to be a big girl like Scout and kept hopping when I went to give her a treat.  Well she wants to play the game and she doesn't catch many of the treats, but hey 4 a day is pretty good!

Treat time!

I've nothing much else to report except that I'm sewing and cleaning.  It's enough right now.

Take care and have a safe day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: January 5, 2020


Good morning!  It's Tuesday and time to post my weekly to-do-list!  This program is sponsored by Roseanne and Sue over at Home Sewn By Us and it's been a wonderful way to stay on track and also fun to check out what bloggers are making.  You can visit all the blogs by checking in at Roseanne's blog here!

I finished my first goal of last week:  Jenny's Christmas quilt.  I posted a photo last week but here it is again:

 I was going to add elaborate borders to it but it was too busy and also too big for my batting (it's a lap quilt) so yesterday I only put a thin white border on it.  It's all packed up and ready to go to Terri, my machine quilter.

I didn't finish the table toppers for this quilt because it seems like I may have enough blocks left from Jenny's quilt to do another Christmas quilt.  I'm a bit Christmas-ed out right now so it's tucked away until I can review the blocks again.

Linda's quilt is finished but I need to order batting so that will just have to wait.  I also need to make her table runner but as with Jenny's quilt, it's put aside for now.

I did get the sewing room cleaned up!  It always feels good to have a fresh room for the new year.

Next week's projects:

1- I want to participate in the Round Robin that some of my blogger friends like Roseanne and Wendy are sponsoring.  I need to find my center block this week.  You can also read about that at Roseanne's website or Wendy's here.

2-Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt blocks.  The color of the month is pink!!!  

3-I may want to do another lap quilt for Jenny and need to talk to her mom this week about colors.

Have a safe and happy day!