Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pop of Red

A neighbor gave me a small table with enamel top.  I painted the legs white, ordered red knobs for the drawer and am using it in my sewing room.

For some reason, it makes my little room look bigger; the table is now going to be my desk up there.   The knobs come in a bag of 5.  I looked at my kitchen and the worn out knobs there...
Added the red knobs to the cabinets and loved it so much that I ordered a few more bags for the kitchen.  I am loving how it turned out...because I have so many red accessories:

Yeh, it doesn't take much to thrill me but I am loving this pop of red in my house now!  Next little project might be to paint the tired beige tile to white.  I know my husband won't go for replacing the tile but I think the white would brighten up the kitchen.  What do you think?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Amazing Spiderman Quilt :)

This is a donation quilt for Camp Erin, a bereavement camp for children.  Our guild helps supplies the quilts that the youngsters find on their cots.  

I found the Spiderman fabric on sale last summer and knew it would make a great Camp Erin quilt.  I bought what fabric I could afford and then used up scraps to frame the fabric so it went farther.  The real star on this simple quilt pattern is Terri Trotter's quilting.  

About the time that I sent the quilt to Terri, we did receive an email from Camp Erin requesting that we send some quilts appropriate for boys (or unisex).  I hope the boy who gets this likes Spidey!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Kathy's Quilt

I continue to churn out lap quilts for friends and family.  This quilt is called "Parade of Poppies" dubbed by my friend Diana.  

I gave it to my friend and neighbor Kathy who has had some serious health issues this past year.  She's been dealing with kidney failure and kidney disease and a lot of side effects from the medication.  When I showed her the quilt, she joked, "Oh you could give me that quilt!" and I said, "Good because it is yours!"  She loved it and it goes perfectly with her home decor.
I'm taking it easy this week and haven't done much.  I am coping with some stomach issues and hope to be sewing again on Sunday.  Tomorrow I have a program at the Bethlehem Area Public Library so I'm off to get ready for that.  Have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 11, 2016

8 Days Until Spring!

The calendar might say that there are 8 days until Spring but here in eastern Pennsylvania, it feels like Spring Has Sprung!!!  We've been enjoying record breaking warm temperatures, so unusual for the beginning of March, even going as high as 80 degrees F (26 C for my friends in Canada).  I haven't sewn all week, I've been walking Seamus and working, working, working in the garden.

After 4 days of gardening, I'm ready for a break and I think Seamus is too.  Will get some sewing in today.  I hope your Spring has sprung a little early for you too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kathy's Quilt

Kathy is technically my aunt but since she is only 4 years older than me, we grew up as sisters. I adore her.  She loves tea and is a real Anglophile, we share a love of Victoria magazine and all things pretty.  I had been working on this tea quilt for her and then learned she had been searching for a afghan in blackwatch plaid.  So I ordered fabric for her for the backing.

When I finished the quilt, I still had some pieces of the plaid left so made her a couple of throw pillows featuring her favorite tv show: Downton Abby! 
I gave her "unbirthday" gift yesterday and she loved it.  It is so much fun making unexpected gifts for loved ones.  Just made my day!