Thursday, January 25, 2018

I like Thursdays, January 25, 2017

54 days until Spring!

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I was proud of all that turned out for the Women's March!  We watched from the sidelines as I nurse an injured knee (fell down the basement steps, UGH).  Speaking as a grandmother, I must admit this was my favorite sign:
Scout was spayed on Monday and is home recovering.  I'm grateful that my friend Carol has been around to help me!  Scout appears to be doing better than any of my other dogs; this time the vet had a new method I could opt for after the surgery:  a laser treatment that is supposed to speed healing.
She seems to maneuver well with her cone, despite the fact that it is huge (it was a cone we bought for Teddy and he was a large dog).  She has two weeks of quiet before her sutures are removed which might help heal my knee quicker too.  She's adapted.   
The cone helps wrangle toys, collects biscuits and the velcro on the side often has a toy to stuck to it!  

I like that once I embraced the snow and hung my little wall hanging, the snow stopped falling, the weather warmed up and the snow melted!

Remember tv trays?
I like tv trays!
For years I had thought about the old tv trays and that they would be useful.  Brad and I found some on at a local yard sale and I bought a set for $2.  They are useful! 
 They come in handy for humidifiers, quilt blocks and a variety of other things!
Speaking of quilt blocks, I like when math works out.  I was worried that the orange fabric I had chosen for this I-spy donation quilt would not be enough for my quilt.  I finished the blocks yesterday with one strip to spare!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I like Thursdays: January 18, 2016

61 days until Spring!

We are half done with winter!  

Tuesday was the midway point of the winter!
It's all downhill from now!

How are you doing?  Are you counting down the days until spring too?  This past week another 3 inches of snow fell.  I like that my husband traveled south and for once he didn't call to tell me how warm his weather was!  He had to endure more than twice the amount of snow that we got!   I'm also grateful I'm not 45 minutes north of us.  My friend Beth got 10 inches of snow during the same storm.  We lucked out!

I like these photos of dancing poodles (above).  You can see the story here.  Poodles love to dance and Scout always wants to accompany me whenever I start doing the mashed potato.  Speaking of Scout, she had a great weekend!

My beautiful niece Maggie came home with her handsome fiancee and their two dogs!

Opie is a beagle mix and Cashew (being held by Maggie) is a chiwawa/corgi mix.  Cashew and Scout got along famously and played nonstop for three days!
My son Peter also came home for the weekend and I was thrilled when we had the opportunity to be alone for a few hours on Sunday.  It's always good to catch up without interruptions!  

 Miss Scout is going to get spayed on Monday and I am soooo relieved.  I hope to never have to experience another puppy in heat again!   It will be a quiet week for us and I hope to get more sewing done.  

Stay warm and have a great week!  Visit the other sites celebrating happiness at LeeAnna's website, Not Afraid of Color.  

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I like Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Like most people on  the East Coast, I'm grateful that the arctic weather has dissipated.  Scout is glad too since it means she can go out again on walks.   At least as much as we can these days, a lot of sidewalks are still icy.

So....with this all in mind.  I like that there are 
68 days
until spring!

I'm already dreaming of my garden but needed a little joy and these alstromerias fit the bill.  One of my favorite cut flowers, these beauties last for a good two weeks and keep our dining room feeling happy.
Our Scout has been a little crazy without her usual walks and we are grateful that she can play with my Mom's dog, Greta.  Scout also has a new passion.  She loves feet, socks, and Carol's boots :D
She doesn't eat them but prefers smelling them.  We call this Eau de Carol Cologne. :)

I finished the blocks for the snowflake quilt and will piece that together later this month.  

But I found some 4 inch blocks and decided to piece together some donation quilts.  Right now, I'm not following any particular order in projects; they'll all get done in good time.

What are you working on?  I hope you are going to have a wonderful week and a great day!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

I like Thursdays, January 4, 2018

Oh Goodie, it's snowing again
I like that we aren't expecting the blizzard that the coast is going to get.  We'll get about 3 inches but the lows this weekend could be -20  in some parts of the Lehigh Valley.  I'm grateful to be living in the city right now.

Speaking of frosty windows...
I like getting inspiration from blogs.  Earlier this week, our "I Like" hostess LeeAnna had a nice post about nature inspiration.  I'm working on what I call the snowflake quilt (yes, another square in a square but I want to use up this fabric).  But the real inspiration was leftover backing fabric that had a neat glaze to it.  It always reminded of how windows look during this time of year.  So I'm using it up for this quilt.  

All my photos are dark these days due to the cloudy (often snowy) weather.

My friend and neighbor Carol made me a surprise Christmas present.  
Check out this postage stamp tray!
It has a lot of stamps that reflect my interests.  
The work and thought she put into this is so touching!

The sewing room is clean and fairly organized now.

A lot of my friends have the blues these days.  I was just talking about this book a week or so ago and thought I would purchase it again.  I read it in the 1980s but a lot of this book has stayed with me.  I recommend it to anyone.
I hope you have a safe and warm week!  Be sure to check out the other I Like Posts by visiting LeeAnna's blog at 
Have a great day!

Monday, January 1, 2018