Friday, January 27, 2017

Comfort in the Mail

Today I received comfort in the mail.  I have been missing Seamus terribly these past weeks and continue to find things of his that have to be put away.  And then.........this came!!!

LeeAnna from "Not Afraid of Color" made this beautiful art quilt in honor of  Seamus. It has touched me so much and I absolutely love it.   LeeAnna had a black standard named Cole; Cole passed from cancer this past July.  LeeAnna is the one person I know who not only understands how poodles think but can write about it REALLY well.  My husband and I both enjoyed reading about Cole's Capers and Commandments check out one of my favorites here

Look at the art quilt-- I love how LeeAnna incorporated Seamus' last Christmas photo and then filled it in with pencil and ink.
Anyone who knew Seamus understood the balls in the border (his favorite toy).  I am particularly enchanged with the wonderful hearts--especially the one framing Seamus.  Isn't it wonderful?  The bling "adore" on his necklace just says it all.
The backing tells a different story--one of the future.  LeeAnna and I live in adjoining states and hope to get standard poodle siblings this spring.  It would be wonderful to share anecdotes, not to mention getting the poodle kids together!  The idea of a puppy this spring has really been sustaining me during this dreary winter.

Thank you LeeAnna!  You made my day, week, and month!!!  Hugs and hugs!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I like Thursdays #13!!!

I like that I am back online and that the computer is fixed!!!

My puter broke around the time I was posting the "I like Thursday #12" .

What is "I like Thursdays?"  It's a shot of positive energy that our friend LeeAnna created during these uncertain times.  You can find more likes by going to her website here.  

#2.  I liked watching the women's march on Saturday.  I found it inspiring to see so many people gathered in a truly peaceful manner.  When the tv channels showed photographs from the air, the crowd was absolutely PURPLE because the pink clothes the women wore softened the view.

#3.  I like this Christmas tree bag.  I got one last night and hope to use it to store some extra quilts that I've been making.  IT HAS WHEELS!  So I can take it in and out of the attic closet easily!!  I like finding things that are odd to organize things.  I continue to be on a roll with completing quilts and just need a temporary place to put them until they go to their recipients.  This bag is perfect!!!  
#4.  And speaking of sewing,  "Thimble Pads" have been saving my fingers at night.  I hate using thimbles anymore and these protect my fingers really well.  I highly recommend them. 
#5.  Last but not least is the spring like weather that has blessed us lately.  The cold is returning tomorrow but last night when my friend and I were shopping, it felt absolutely like April!!!   It beats the heck out of this time last year when we had this:  

Well that is all the positive energy I can muster this week.    Have a great day!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Like Thursdays #12

It's that wonderful day of the week again when we fill the internet with a positive spirit and a bit of inspiration!  Join LeeAnna at her website (here) to share your inspirations and happy energy for "I Like Thursdays" !

What do I like this week?

1. I like finishing quilts and every few years I have to do a UFO challenge of some sort to take care of projects that either frustrated, overwhelmed, or became lost in the sewing room.  I've mentioned this before but I just have to tell you that by cataloging your UFOs, you can actually finish a plethora of projects!!!  One year I think I finished 24 pieces. I've taken to binding some of my UFOs (the easiest kind of project to finish) and keep them stacked up to work on in the evening as we watch tv.

2.  I like that there is only 66 days until Spring!!!  I can almost smell the damp earth and feel the warm breezes!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Like Thursdays #11

Check out all the likes and inspiration!  Head on over to LeeAnna's to link up!!!  This week's likes:

1. Homerun:   During the last "I like Thursdays," I discussed Hasbro's Joy for All robotic cat that we purchased for my sister-in-law.  She has early onset dementia and this product was developed for Alzheimers and Dementia patients.  I can't say enough for this product.  Our Di went from being withdrawn and silent to laughing and engaging with "kitty."  My husband said, "You hit the ball out of the park."  We can't believe the change it created in her.  If you have a family member dealing with either of these tragic diseases I suggest you try this.  You can order it directly from Hasbro.
2.  I've been frequently running away from home.  We've been visiting family and I've gone to a lot of flea markets.  I was happy to pick up some overall boys.  I love this one with the pig.  You can tell the maker created her own pattern (check out the penciled lines of the arms).  
And I love this one with the ducks:

The style of these ducks remind of a pull-toy produced by Fisher-Price

3.  I picked up some embroidery blocks that were unfinished.  They are too worn/dirty/stained to embroider but I liked the motifs.  I can scan them and copy them onto fabric with my lightbox.  I'll be sharing these with you so here is the first one...You'll have to darken it a bit to copy but it is sweet.  I see this motif on many 19th century redwork pieces.
4.  THE FREE TABLE!!!  Our quilt guild has a free table where members bring supplies that they no longer want.  I think this is such a neat thing.  Somebody always wants what you bring.  I like to pick up magazines and occasionally get some fabric.  Most of the fabric I picked up this week is for Meals-On-Wheels placemats but I do adore the blue/pink bird print.  I think it is adorable!!!
 And also I picked up these free blocks:

Well I'm off to finish a gluten free cake for hubby and get ready to take some pieces up to my longarm quilter.  Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A finish and a start

I'm doing the All People Quilt 2017 UFO Challenge (you can find it here).  This month I hope to finish the binding on two quilts and I am happy to report that I finished this piece last night.  Now I have to complete a bigger poppy quilt.

I've been going to some flea markets and finding a few treasures.  Today I am going to work on this piece of embroidery I found on Saturday.  The piece was a kit offered in the 1970s by Erica Wilson and features Chessie, the Railroad Kitten--the mascot of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.  The image of the cat was originally created by Guido Gruenwald (1881-1935) and adopted by the railroad in a 1933 ad.  
The ad created a sensation and "Chessie" became the companies mascot.  The piece I found was complete but loose.  It isn't enough that I have my own UFOs, I feel compelled to take on others as well :D  
I'm going to make a pillow for Peter and Jessica and found an asian inspired print that I think they will like (Jessica was just in Japan this last fall).  
I'll keep it simple because I want to be able to give it this weekend when I see the kids.  Here in Pennsylvania, it's been wet and cold weather but that just means--perfect sewing weather and we DO need the rain. 

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Lily and Claire's Quilts

I had a lot of Christmas scraps and still have piles of 6.5 inch squares from a swap that I participated in years ago.  So made this quilt for Lily and Claire.  I had posted about this gift in December.  The girls like their quilt and Claire immediately placed the doll quilt on her stroller in case her dolls got cold.
Probably the nicest endorsement was a photo Lori posted a day or two later.  The quilt was already absconded to the she shed.  Check out Maggie the border collie at the window:
Isn't this adorable? 
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering 'it will be happier'...."
--Alfred Tennyson

Wishing you a peaceful New Year.

I've been doing a lot of road trips since Tuesday.  The calls and kindnesses continue to come as the word spreads throughout our neighborhood.  LeeAnna's advice was to get out of the house and it was wise.  I've visited two friends, gone flea marketing, bought some much needed personal things (boots and a purse).  Brad came home yesterday and it is easier with someone else wandering around the cottage. 

 Today I'll sew and make pork and sauerkraut (traditional Pa. Dutch New Year dinner) before our friend Carol comes over to watch The Librarians with us.  

I'm also concentrating on completing UFOs.  I'm joining up the American Patchwork and Quilting Challenge which you can learn about here.  

January UFOs to complete

I have a program to finish and market so the next months will be busy.

My 2017 is focused on springtime.  LeeAnna connected me with a reputable breeder and we are hoping to have a puppy come spring.  I hope that Lee Anna  and I will have siblings which could be fun.  This is the thought that has made me stop crying (all the time to just some of the time).  

Well I'm off to have coffee with the girls up the street.  Have a wonderful day and year full of peace and happiness.