Tuesday, June 23, 2015

July approaches

The garden is lovely but the air is so humid that inside--we have fans running in addition to our central air.  I don't do much in the garden in July.  The weather is too hot and it is not healthy to move plants in high heat.  It's good to take time to just enjoy nature!

July is the month I have to always set aside to sew and refold the quilts in my collection.  This year, I am also reviewing what I have to see if there are any pieces I can pass on or sell.  I have a relatively healthy collection of quilts and use them for my trunk shows.  In January and July, I check and refold them.  The refolding is important as I have had quilts where the wear is evident (from being folded for a good long time).  My friend and often business partner, Beth Bacher has just uploaded her first video on you tube that deals with this subject.  You can see it here:
PS--By the way, that is one of my quilts in the background when Beth first comes on (it has fold line wear).

Monday, June 22, 2015

News from the Home Front!

I'm finally off for a few weeks this summer!  That isn't a complaint, I love giving lectures and spring and fall are my busiest months.  Unfortunately, I've also had another bout of vertigo. Never a fun time but we are coping.

The dog days of summer are here and I'm back to sewing in the afternoons.  We have central air but still...Seamus isn't that enamored with the heat.  He spends a lot of time here:
The garden is lovely and when it is cool, we spend time outside.  My brother and I are both descendants of upcyclers.  Before it was "cool" my grandfather repurposed things.  Jim and I  inherited this gene.  This trellis (behind the table) is Jim's contribution to the garden this year. He was given a rusty trellis by an old man (who knew he liked junk)--and Jim cleaned, sanded and painted it for my garden.  It is serving as a little screen for privacy.
Yesterday I got a little vine for it:
More photos of the garden to come!  Enjoy the first full day of summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grateful for Rain

We have finally gotten some good rain here!  Last week the local weather folks said we were as much as 5 inches behind on precipitation this year.  Here are some photos from the garden this year: