Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three thumbs up....

Julie, Kim and I give the Carbon County Quilters Guild three thumbs up!  This is a small quilt show but we found it very enjoyable.  First of all, Summit Hill itself is a cute little town, nice parks, very clean.  You have to love a town that has a "Stay At Home Festival" for the holiday weekend! 
The venue was neat too, a small church that is now being used for the Heritage Center.  Check out the wooden raised doors (like garage doors) that were used to seperate the Sunday School Classes:

Below--Definately a neat way to display quilts!!!

The theme for this year's show was "Decoration Day" inspired by McCrae's poem, "In Flander's Fields".  These were our favorite quilts:

Not a great shot of this one (sorry!) but it was an interesting way to use landscape fabric!

This one had writing on the white stripes:

 Then there were the other quilts.  We were struck by the use of a big gingham check in this quilt.  It sang for us to come over to see it!
 Another favorite because all three of us have a lot of garden prints that we haven't used:
 We particularly liked the border:
 There were also a few antique quilts:
 and some we just found fun and inspiring:
 Among the things we also liked were these jars they sold.....some for as low as .50!  I liked this as an idea that we might be able to use for our own guild show (if anyone is interested). 
 The jars were filled with odds and ends and pieces of fabrics, some just remnants...
 Others had a couple of fat quarters in them.  I thought it was a fun idea...especially since I no longer can and have tons of those jars!
Afterwards, we went to shop at the Quilted Crow in Lehighton, had lunch and got home in time to clean up the house and do the weekend grocery shopping.  It was a fun break for us!
Have a great day and stay cool!

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Allie said...

Oh. My. I LOVE these quilts - but especially the gingham flowers! I feel the urge to buy a boatload of gingham! And that first poppy - how striking!