Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good fences make Good puppies...

Greetings from our garden!!!

Seamus is NOT pleased.

Dogs each have their own personalities; but it surprises me how much like they are like kids!  When our dear Paddie was alive, she was the easiest garden dog.  Tell her not to go some place and she will avoid it forever.  She enjoyed just laying around near me as I gardened.  The boy pups have been much more difficult.  They are like...well...... boys!

Teddy (white poodle) has made it his personal mission to mark every plant in the garden.  Seamus (black) is more oblivious than anything, he sees NOTHING when he is in hot pursuit of his beloved red rubber ball.  For two or more years, I've wanted sod replaced in the back yard.  The boys just tore up what little grass we had.  My husband refused to put sod down---so I took an alternative route to avoid more mud tracked in the house............ (while he was away on business). :)

Years and years ago when young Paddie was my gardening partner and we actually had...GRASS!
I call it "Operation Gravel."  For the last three weeks, I've put expanded the beds and put down (me personally, ALONEONE TON of gravel.  I couldn't have normally done this but I used a garden cart and it made all the difference in the world.  Then I mulched everything (again with my trusty cart) and planted a few annuals.  The piece d' resistance was fencing around the little plants to protect them from the boys.

I wasn't sure I would like it but anything was preferable to cleaning up mud all the time.  And I do like it, feels more tranquil back there now.
Teddy inspects a dry creek bed that now replaces the path he and Seamus cut in the middle of one of the flower beds.

Seamus is not sure what to make of this all.  These fences are annoying him.  He keeps smelling around them!

The other pics were of the upper bed (we have two levels in our back yard). The lower bed is mulched and fenced off but now I have to work on the patio.......After my hands and legs recover!


rosie said...

Who need Jenny Craig or the gym when you have puppies and a garden Mickie?....

Wonky Girl said...

Your garden looks great, I am jelous! I also know how much you miss your Paddie poodle. I miss my very first poodle so much. Cannot beleive he's been gone five years now.
Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

Allie said...

Wow Mickie I am in AWE of you. A TON! Your yard looks so amazing, you've done a gorgeous job, no matter what the boys think!

Sandra :) said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm something looks very dejavu-ish about those photos!!! ;)) OMG the first picture of Seamus is hysterical - he really does look PEEVED!

You've done an amazing job - the boys will get used to it (ALL of them, lol!) - we'll just have to come for another visit in the fall and check out your work!! :)

Martha said...

The garden looks beautiful, Mickie, and I can hardly believe you did that all yourself -- planning the design and then actually moving all that gravel. I am really impressed. It all looks so pretty with the paths, and I'm sure the boys will get used to it.