Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Preparing for the Holiday...

What do we do every Memorial Day holiday?  NOTHING!!!!  When my son was younger and we lived in a small village, we had parades and ceremonies on Memorial Day.  Now I live in a city that celebrates with a 5 day event called "May Fair." 

When we moved in here years ago, we used to wander down and at least stroll through the park listening to the music, back then there were some Jazz bands, etc.  It's changed now.  The city fences off the park (the same park we maintain with our huge taxes) for this weekend and charge admission.  And the music is less than stellar so we don't feel as if we are missing much.  Unfortunately we can't go anywhere on the holiday.  I always worry about our property being damaged by the kids going to MayFair.  Last year, I actually got into an arguement with a woman who wanted to pick my rhododendrons:
This year's rhodies are awesome!
 What is that my husband will actually be home for the holiday!  He is usually off working and I get to deal with cleaning up alone.  DH was supposed to be leaving for the Congo.  He had 6 shots on Monday (3 in each arm) to prepare for the trip to Africa.  Went from the doctor's office to the office........and found out that trip was canceled.  OUCH!!!
So this weekend we will be spending time here:
And hanging with the dogs, chatting with the neighbors and in general, just relaxing for a change.
Natalie and Katie play "Seamus in the Middle"
Today and tomorrow I hope to get some sewing done!  Will post pics if I get to the projects I want to finish before "Christmas through the year" time is over!
Have a great day!

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Allie said...

They CHARGE ADMISSION? That stinks! I love going to local fairs but would never pay admission. I'm sorry you have trouble with folks around your place, boy do I know what that's like. Guard those rhodies, they are GORGEOUS!!! I love the walkway too. Picture perfect! I feel sorry for hubby for having to get the shots for nothing - but how lovely that he'll be home. Have a wonderful weekend hon!