Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the line

One thing I love about the warmer weather is hanging wash on the line....and also, hanging projects for photographs.  The light is just wonderful here in the morning and early evening.  So what's on the line today?
Mug Rugs!

Another mug rug! 

Vintage baby quilt.  In bad shape but I still like it!  I'll rebind it sooner or later......

Vintage baby quilt

Matching sham

And now for something completely different.....Seamus is ball obsessed. He pushes the curtain aside and looks outside whinning in a most pitiful manner.  He will do anything to get outside and get my opposable thumbs out there to throw the ball.  Lately, I've had some doozie throws.  Things that happen only by mistake because I could never ever actually make things happen like this:

Like the ball that landed square in the birds nest in this tree.  Took a bit of ingenuity to get that one down.

And there was this beauty.  Seamus kept marching back and forth like something was wrong.  I was in the upper part of the garden and couldn't see what the problem was until I sauntered down to check out the situation.  Seamus is a good boy and won't go places he doesn't think he should even if it means his ball is just beyond his reach.  He makes me laugh these days......when he isn't driving me crazy to go out. :)
Have a great day!


Allie said...

Oh Mickie you are the queen of mug rugs - these are just fabulous. If I had any energy I'd go pull fabric right now, that's how much you inspire me. Love the vintage quilts, especially the kitties!
Seamus sounds like he's enjoying spring! Too funny about the landing spots you find, lol!

Cat Street Boyz said...

OK, what is a mug rug??? Great patterns and colors. Most poodles love playing ball....ICE loves football but I am a terrible pitcher. I bought him a leather football with an attached rope so I could toss it further....well, I do get it to go further but in all directions...sometimes it ends up going straight up in the air! Poor ICE........ ;)

Martha said...

I love quilts on a line, and yours look so cute. We don't have a place for a clothesline, and I miss it.