Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Full Measure

Last month I found this old piece of embroidery and was compelled to save it and use it.  The fabric was so fragile, that it is one of the few times I conciously did NOT quilt it very much as I was afraid it would tear more.  Still I love it.  It seems perfect as we go into spring and anticipate picking strawberries.  This year, my husband and I have decided to make strawberry ice cream for the family which should be fun. 

Life has been very busy lately and after Monday, I'll be taking a break and getting more done around the house. 

Yesterday morning, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Kelly from Pinkadot Quilts at the Penn Oaks Guild Quilt Show.  Kelly is wonderful and the quilts were absolutely inspiring!  Unfortunately I've had a lot of senior moments lately and forgot my camera.  Kelly's quilts were wonderful and you can check out many of them on her blog!

In the afternoon, Helena Grace had a dance recital and then she came over here to play.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for the recital as well.  Helena is becoming quite the dancer and she and Katie (next door) and Natalie were very busy in our backyard painting and doing treasure hunts together.  She was having so much fun, we had to pry her from the girls to get her home! 

Today I'm just under the weather and am staying close to home.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Sarah said...

Ooooo, I love strawberries--can hardly wait! The embroidery you found and how you did it up are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mickie, I love what you have done with the embrodiery....Regards, Lyn

Allie said...

I LOVE that embroidery! How beautiful, good save, Mickie. I do love to see vintage treasures out in the open, not stuck in a cupboard.
How nice that you got to meet a blog friend, I look forward to popping over there. Helene Grace - oh what a gorgeous name - Mickie, how could you forget your camera, lol!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Mickie it was so nice to meet you! I am trying to play catch up now. I will be blogging about you tomorrow!
The embroidery is gorgeous. Ilove wondering about the person that made it.