Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Worth doing or not?

I'm really running through my UFOs at this point. I am hoping to get most of them done before the new year so I can really concentrate on the projects that I want to do. This is a scrap wall hanging. For some reason, I can never get into finishing it. In the meantime, I got two more basted yesterday and hope to work on them this evening!


Dawn said...

Hi Mickie, I hope you do finish it, it looks like a lot of work has already gone into it!

I've finally got a few minutes to catch up so I was reading your last couple of posts. It's wonderful that Teddy and Seamus are so close. We got Oreo as a friend for Sunny and they get along but not close like I can tell your two are.

Your grandkids are so adorable. Seamus looks like a natural for search and rescue in that hide and seek game!
Christmas Hugs,

Sandra :) said...

Oh, please finish it, Young Nana Spice! (I won't use your other nickname here in case people think I'm a weirdo and you need assistance, LOL!!!) The black hst's really make the strings pop - it's a beautiful quilt!