Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Paws and other musings...

Oh how my dogs make me smile! Every year we take Helena to see Santa and we haven't this year because of snow storms and our Santa's schedule. Hopefully we can arrange to do that after school one day. I was getting concerned that we wouldn't get our annual picture.
My hands are awful right now due to baking cookies. I tried to pace myself but it still seems like rolling dough it is too much on my wrists. I did get the sugar cookies, gingerbread, lemon cookies and some lemon raspberry cookies done as well as some regular drop cookies. I am wearing my carpel brace all the time until it gets better. So I stopped the baking for now.
Getting old is a bit liberating. I am wondering why I bake all these cookies anymore. It was different when I baked for the boys, and to supply my grandmother with cookies for when the family was at her house. But Nana is in a nursing home now, the boys are busy with their own lives and I need to cut back (somebody PLEASE remind me of this next year). I don't even think the kids would notice if I didn't do as much. My husband might but even he isn't picking at the cookies the way he used to (he is on a real ice cream bender right now).
Next Christmas should be a little bit easier. I've decided to buy one gift card a month and I've joined two cyber groups that should make Christmas easier. One cyber group is shooting to make one present every two weeks and the other group starts in July with Christmas sewing. I usually begin in March anyway so I think it will be good to get more ideas and get moving. Don't get me wrong, I'm done for Christmas but I didn't make many presents this year because my hands. I was just getting back into the swing of things when I had this setback again.
One bright spot, my husband is moving out of the attic all together! After his accident three years ago, he moved his fly tying bench up there because it was warmer than his basement man cave. He really hasn't done any fly tying but he's decided to move it all back down to the man cave and I will have more (and safer) space for Helena's toys. Maybe I can even put a table up there to catch up on scrapbooking and my sunbonnet research.
We're off to the farmer's market this morning for some last minute things! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Sandra :) said...

LOL the puppers look cute - very festive! I tried to put a pair of reindeer antlers on Zoomer, but he was having NONE of that ;)

Right now I'm baking some cookies - some for us, some for gifts. I'm only going to bake 3 kinds, and will pop them in cello bags for gifting - very easy. I wouldn't be doing this at all if my hands were bothering me, tho, Mickie - if your hands hurt everybody will understand why you don't do that project!

We all try to do so much at this time of the year - it's stressful, very stressful! We should all simplify, eh? Easier said than done, tho!!!

LOL my word verification word is "ducer" - I wonder if that's another reindeer??!! ;)

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

I can see why those pups make you smile!!

I am also vowing to cut back next year, those groups sound like a wonderful way to begin!!

Sarah said...

Have the Merriest of Holidays! Puppies and Grandbabies--who needs Santa? Take Care!