Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

It's St. Nicholas Day! Did you remember to put out your shoes? Well we knew that Helena might not put her shoes out...luckily we had a nice pair of wooden ones to put out for her. She came for craft day and was quite pleased with her surprises :)
We did 4 straight hours of crafts today!!! I found this great idea for fabric ornament balls at Mod Podge Rocks (she has a tutorial here) and thought the girls might enjoy it. It's a great way to use up fabric scraps. These are the three that are still drying (the girls took some home already) and they have requested that we do more next week. We also did some foam ornaments and Helena made some Xmas presents today (shhhhhh!)

Afterwards Katie and Helena and Natalie played "Hello Kitty" bingo. It was a great afternoon! :)

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Sandra :) said...

OK that's it - I'm signing up for a granddaughter - there's just too much fun to be had with them! I used to do cornstarch clay ornaments with my daycare kids - have you tried that with Miss Helena? You can add koolaid or glitter to the dough ... or put a doily over the rolled out dough then roll over it with a rolling pin (to emboss the dough) ... lots of fun with this craft!