Thursday, October 1, 2020

I Like Thursdays: October 1, 2020


It's I Like Thursday!  Today we fill the internet with positive things!  Sponsored by LeeAnna, be sure to check out other bloggers' posts!

It's been over a month since Brad developed a severe case of sciatica.  The doctor finally took it seriously last week:  ordered the MRI (he had that on Tuesday night) and prescribed decent pain medication.  We are FINALLY both getting sleep.  Hubby is still using a cane (he has a lot of weakness in his left leg) and still spends his days sitting on a hard chair in the living room but we are coping better.  Today I am calling the doctor to request the results of the MRI.

I like autumn walks with my puppy.  

Scout and I visit the park in mid-morning after folks have gone to work.  It's just lovely lately!

Our beautiful girl got groomed 2 weeks ago:

I like puttering in the sewing room and can actually do a little more of this now that Brad is in less pain.  I'm happily using up my asian inspired fabric and threw some Xmas fabric (glittery blender type fabric) in the mix as well.  I'm making the Chinese Magic Quilt but as a wall hanging for me (see here).  

I like that my friend told me she didn't like the pattern.  It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.  I'm just glad she let me know before I had half the quilt assembled.  I'm assembling the four patches into a 16 patch and will border it for her with black and maybe green if I have enough fabric.

I really don't have much else to report since Brad's care takes so much of my time.  I am way behind on reading blogs but hope to catch up with everyone in the next few days!

Have a safe and happy day!


grammajudyb said...

What a beautiful place to walk with Scout! DH and I are waiting every day...but we stick close to our neighborhood. No lovely park, but secure flat sidewalk for walking. At our age, that is important! We do pass an empty, sort of, field and try to spy “the bunnies”. Scout would like that!
Hope your weekend is good and something can be done to relieve Brad’s sciatica, for good!

LA Paylor said...

We're so jealous of your park... there are always people out here, always without masks, always would run/walk/bike right up in our faces.
Scout has developed the prettiest coloring... I love her legs. I had to enlarge the photo and saw how much she looks like Milo in the face. This litter had some wonderful personalities and intelligence. Someone commented that their dog spoke baby talk, and I thought of some poodle quotes about them playing chess and discussing shakespeare!
I know how tormenting back problems are, and how little doctors seem to know about correcting them. Surgeons want to operate, PT wants to exercise them. Does he have a TENS unit? My old PT used a mix of chiro and cranial sacral techniques to help the nerves.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Love your new header! I’m so glad hubby is finally getting someone to listen to him. It’s so frustrating. I love the Chinese Magic quilt but I like your choices even better. I hope the MRI is helpful.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You do have a beautiful spot to walk in! I'm glad someone is finally helping Brad with his sciatica, and I hope he continues to get better. Your Chinese Magic quilt design looks like it will be pretty!

PaintedThread said...

What a pretty area to walk. Yay for sleep. It makes such a difference. Scout is beautiful!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I think you do quite a lot, Michele. It isn't easy seeing someone dear to you in pain...stressful in ways you may not realize. What a relief for you both to have this taken care of. Scout is a real help and comfort too, not just a pretty face. :) said...

Wow Scout is quite the beauty all groomed up. Lovely walk. Glad he is getting some relief from the pain, and you are too.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele! Oh, what a lovely path all covered with pretty leaves. I'll bet Scout loves all the new scents to enjoy while walking. She looks quite fetching after grooming with her pretty scarf. A friend here at work always gives me those scarfs to use the fabric! I am glad to hear that the pain pills are working and giving DH some relief. I'd say skip trying to catch up on blog posts - sometimes life just doesn't allow us extra time. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I'm happy to hear your husband is feeling a little better. Scout looks very stylish. Nice pictures of the outdoors in your area. Love your Chinese Magic quilt. Nice design!