Friday, May 2, 2014

Tomorrow at the Chrin

Beth and I are launching our new (joint) program together called "Money, Myth, and Madder:  Women and Quilting During the Civil War."  We'll be giving the program at the Chrin Community Center at Colonial Quilters Quilt Show.  We were just told there are only 50 seats available for the program but fortunately we will be at other venues (for a list, post and I will email you).
Beth and I also built what we jokingly refer to as "the mobile museum"; this option is available to the guilds and organizations we visit.  Women did so much during the Civil War that we wanted to honor their work as much as we could (and yes, we even had to edit how many boards we could do because the women DID SO MUCH!).
It's been an interesting year of research and we are excited to share our findings. It's a part of our history we rarely learn about and SHOULD.  
We have a lot of groups that have already booked us and I think it will be a fun year!
Enjoy your day! Happy Friday!

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Sandra :) said...

Love all the bits and pieces of the display - I imagine there are a lot of fun stories behind the pictures! And speaking of pictures, that sewing machine (last photo) is GORGEOUS - I don't suppose it's a Singer?