Saturday, May 10, 2014

Springtime in the garden:)

Spring is coming slowly to eastern Pennsylvania.  Today we have a real warm day and a lot of humidity but more often, we are wearing jackets.  I've lost a lot of things in the garden, especially butterfly bushes (3 died) and tea roses (so far, 3 lost).  As my nursery man said, "it was a zone 5 winter and we are supposed to be zone 6."
We used to have a large butterfly bush in front of the trellis, that is gone now...
Still it's not all bad, I like the idea of an always changing garden, it forces me to try new things and experiment.  
Here are some other photos from the garden:


 Had to uncover the stepping stones the kids painted years ago: 

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Sandra :) said...

It's still coolish here too, but the sun is shining brightly and the spring flowers are coming up or blooming - yay :) Hubby is outside doing the first lawn cutting of the year - we gave our old lawnmower to DS1 so hubby had to buy a new one. We also gave him the whipper snipper, so that needed to be purchased as well ... along with our old bbq and lots of lawn tools. Having a kid buy his own house means mom and dad get to shop a LOT! LOL!! I even got a new freezer out of the deal ;)