Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gifts in the Garden: GIRL POWER!

No big surprise I am getting older and sometimes it is harder to do things in the garden.  I do have my ways of navigating so that I don't hurt myself while working.  But last week I had a wonderful gift, the gift of help from Katie and Elizabeth.  They were doing a class and had to do some kind of service and asked if they could help me in the garden on Friday....uh...YEH!!!!
They helped me trim and deadhead the plants and then helped mulch the ENTIRE front yard!  They did all the mulch spreading...I can't even begin to tell you how much work it was.  And such good music in the garden, the birds sang, the breeze rustled the leaves and the girls chatted and giggled.  What a glorious day!
I do think girls do a great job at spreading mulch, much better than my boys ever did.  They have a good idea on covering things up and understand that mulching doesn't mean a lot of mulch just a nice covering.  Doesn't the garden look fabulous?  Thank you Katie and Elizabeth!  


Sandra :) said...

YAY Katie and Elizabeth --- GO GO GIRL POWER!

Martha said...

How nice of the girls to help give the 3P&N cottage a garden facelift -- it looks wonderful!

Allie said...

Get my room ready - I need to sit in that garden awhile!!!!!!!!!!!