Sunday, November 20, 2011


There was a lot going on here on 11-11-11: a wedding, a trip for my husband and a new baby born to our friend's daughter.

 Apparently, it was also corduroy appreciation day...I know this because our local news team reports things like that.  I didn't think much of it at the time.  According to the Corduroy Appreciation Club, that date was perfect for corduroy celebrations because all the 1's put together most resemble corduroy.  I also so this was reported and discussed on a number of blogs but I can't remember which ones. 

So just because the textile gods like to jar me, I found this the day after Corduroy Appreciation Day:

Embroidery on Corduroy!!!!!!!!!   I've never see anything embroidered on corduroy! 

Anyway, it certainly is a dear little piece, it even has a satin binding.  The little boy seems so stoic about the little girl's intentions to kiss him :)  The embroidery is done really well but it makes me wonder...did the child or the maker really love corduroy?  Why that fabric and was it for a baby?  I love the mysteries of some pieces...


Wonky Girl said...

Um, never heard of a special day for corduroy. Thanks for sharing this tidbit of info :)
Perhaps the maker of your wonderful find wanted something soft, warm and different. I love it myself.

Martha said...

The 11-11-11 Corduroy Appreciation Day seems like a stretch. The little baby blanket, on the other hand, is adorable! I love everything about it -- the darling pattern, the neat stitching, and the unusual choice of fabric.

Allie said...

What an adorable blanket! Seems like corduroy would be warm, it does make sense for a blanket...the stitching is delightful!
I had read on various blogs about Corduroy Day. Interesting!

bookkm said...

Corduroy was my FAVORITE fabric in my youth. Still in the top 3. This is super cute.