Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sandra is in town!!!

One of my favorite things in the fall is the opportunity to see my friend Sandra when she visits from Canada.  Besides bringing me some goodies, she always gives me refills of Canadian maple syrup (mmmm liquid gold).  This week we have been shopping and also teaching each other techniques:

Sandra taught me how to make a zipper bag!!! Yipppeee!  I am going to use this to cart Seamus' things when we are doing dog therapy, it's perfect!

Then I showed Sandra techniques on the embroidery machine like applique and how to make a berry purse :)

Mostly, of course, we just gab and carry on.  The third member of our trio is always Sandra's husband who is a saint and so patient with two blabbering women who are always stroking fabric in quilt stores!  Thanks Dennis for being such a good sport!!!!    Tomorrow night I hope to get to see them again and make a nice dinner before they leave on Saturday to head home.  I am sure they are exhausted at this point but I am so grateful I got to see them!!! 


Allie said...

I am so jealous! Did you get your hug? And give Sandra one from me too. Looks like you two are having a great time, I'm so glad!! Love the projects!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful friendship. The "stroking fabric" comment is too funny! I do that too and it doesn't even have to be fabric, could be dishes or even'm a touchy-feely shopper! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear!

Nancy Lee said...

Hi Mickie!
Sandra shared one of your strawberry bags with me and I love it! I am amazed such a thing can be made in a hoop. Thanks for your kind comment about my sea creatures. They are fun to do! Cheers and have a great day!