Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun shower!

We had lots of fun at the shower yesterday!  Martha had asked to see what these babies look like up close, so here is one that I made using a piece of edging from a torn linen I had (can't throw anything out here).
In addition to the other gifts I made three bundles for the baby; each bundle had blankets I made for the baby, bibs, burp cloths and toys.
One featured dogs which included a bib that said "Poodles love me!"
Winnie the Pooh is their theme so I did a set in some leftover fabric I had from years ago:
And one featuring boats, including a bib using fabric that featured Naval symbols (Drew is a Naval officer):
I just love LOVE making baby things! :)  Don't you?


Sandra :) said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww your baby goodies are so sweet - I added some of your little critters today to the baby sets I've recently made - a puppy is going with the pink quilt set I made, and a bunny is going with a play mat set :D I just ordered an owl stuffy pattern from Etsy to make an owl or two for each set as well :)

We'll be in PA a week from today - will call you from the hotel!

Martha said...

Thanks for the closeup photo -- she's so adorable! I also love your idea for the little bundles of baby gifts, and I think it's extra cute that each one has a little theme.