Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby shower favors

A new baby is coming!  Tomorrow we are having a shower for Drew and Caitlin's new baby.  I made these as shower favors for the guests.  A few have some surprises attached: like a little kitten in the pouch instead of a baby, or a stuffed puppy or rabbit attached like a leash to a matroyshka or two.  It's just fun.  Of course one of the happiest things you can do is make things for babies!

We are off soon to my grandson's second birthday as well.  Busy family weekend for us!
Have a wonderful Saturday! 


Sarah said...

So very gorgeous! Yikes, those lucky party guests. Yeah for babies!

Sandra :) said...

Those are SO cute - I agree with Sarah - lucky guests!! Congratulations to Drew and Caitlin - I'm rather partial to sons myself, LOL.

Miles is 2 already???! How on EARTH did that happen - it just seems like a few weeks ago he was making his grand entrance!

Martha said...

What adorable gifts, Mickie. I really like how you changed them up, and I would love to see some closeup photos of the individual dolls. It's such a wonderful way to celebrate Baby Wilson.