Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thunky and Pitcher

This is Teddy, he can't play with a regular ball.

He prefers the black ball that the George kids lost in our yard one day......about three years ago.  Teddy loved the ball so much, they said he should keep it.  It is the only ball he really likes.  It doesn't really get airborne very easily anymore, travels only about 4 to 5 feet when I hurl it.  Also,  it lands with a thunk....which is why we call it Thunky Ball.
It's the only ball Ted will fetch.  So George Kids..he may bark like crazy at you but I think he must love you deep down inside because you provided him with his beloved Thunky Ball. 

Seamus on the other hand is quite different.  He is the only dog we know of that throws the ball back to people.  He even aims at different people.  Sometimes when he is playing with the George Kids, he throws the ball to Katie, then to Sam, then to Natalie, then back to Katie, etc.  I think he makes conscious decisions.  Look out... comes the ball.  Sometimes Seamus throws the ball three feet away from me.  He does this on purpose.  I think he likes to see me fetch too.   Or perhaps he is annoyed because of some of my wild throws.....Anyway, he is the Cy Young of dogs.


Linda said...

Too cute! Dogs certainly have personalities, don't they?

Wonky Girl said...

Great post today. Love all the "poodly" pics and story.

Allie said...

Your dogs have such great personalities - I love them! Thunky Ball...I think you should patent that!