Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Musings

I'm doing a lot of work these days; my mother's next surgery is a week from now and I'm trying to get things done so that when I am at home, I can breathe.  It's also June and that time when the weeds get thick, the first flush of flowers need deadheading, and tall plants have to be staked. 

"In searching for my mother's garden, I found my own."  ---Alice Walker

I think of this quote often these days.  When I work in the garden, I think of Nana Betty.  Only last year, I would visit her a few times a week.  An avid gardener, she loved the flowers I brought her and really loved my "garden reports".  She'd advise me on what to do with the plants that were struggling.  She'd talk about all the flowerbeds she created and the magic of her father's gardens. 

She loved hostas and always used it as her bordering plant;  what she didn't like were the purple flowers of the plant.   It seemed like a mission to her to pluck the long stalks of the dreaded flower. 
She loved this little purple flower and called them "paintbrushes", an appropriate plant for a painter. 
 I have two variations of feverfew in my garden and she adored both kinds.  I introduced this flower to her and she loved both or either in her bouquets.

Soon the hydrangeas will be in full bloom and they will also bring back memories.  I know I'm so lucky to have these special triggers to keep my favorite people alive in my life.


rosie said...

Beautiful post Mickie.. I think a lot of us can relate to these special triggers.. Hope you are able to have a lovely weekend..

Allie said...

How beautiful - and what a lovely way to remember someone so special.

Sarah said...

My foxgloves recall a photo of my mom in her lovely garden surrounded by blooming foxglove that had self-seeded all over. Have a wonderful, relaxed weekend.