Friday, June 10, 2011

my widdle Chick-a-Dee Crafters......

I have some special crafters in my life:  Helena my granddaughter, Katie next door and Natalie, Katie's longtime friend.  This week I've been thinking about crafts we can do with kids in October for a craft fair.  I'd like the kids to make presents for their parents for a minimal fee which we would donate to a worthy group.  It's a two-fer present--one for the community and the other for the kids.  So Katie and Natalie graciously agreed to do some samples for me.  This was originally going to be a wallhanging but they decided to do pillows. 
I also wanted to see how well the fabric markers work.  I'm delighted with the results!  This was Katie's:
Katie's chick...her mother says the chick is like Katie's logo. :)
 And here is Natalie's!!!
Mouse and Rabbit by Natalie..aren't her flying birds wonderful too?

I did have photographs of the girls holding their projects but when I tried to rotate the photographs of them, the photos disappeared forever (another technical malfunction here).  I just love the drawings kids do and am especially enamored with Katie's chick so I have decided to nickname my girls the Chick-A-Dee Crafters.  I'm hoping to get more examples done sometime this summer (mother's health permitting) and really do this in October. 


Linda said...

These are adorable! My granddaughter's first two quilts were done just like this. She "illustrated" the center panel and on the first one she put a simple border on with a lot of help from me. The second one she did all by herself and added prairie points.
I've also done this with second graders and we did very small pillow shapes and filled them with sawdust to use as pincushions. (Crushed walnut shells would be better, but this was way back in the 80's.)
These girls are blessed to have you around!

Sandra :) said...

(OOPS, 404 ate my message so I hope this isn't a duplicate!)

Your Chick-a-Dee crafters did a lovely job on their pillows - well done, ladies!

Allie said...

Those are DARLING - what a fabulous idea, Mickie!

Anonymous said...

Those are great .They are going to be great crafters and you my dear have had a fun time along the way with them Congrats!! Patty pat

rosie said...

What a great idea Mickie, great to see young crafters coming on..