Saturday, September 12, 2009

Autumn Approaches.......

The days are shorter. It has gotten brisk and damp. It seems the days of Autumn approach. I gave up lamenting about the end of summer long ago and now just prepare for a season of sewing, baking and garden reorganizing.

I'll miss the hummingbirds. My desk is aside of the window and I can look out and see them dipping their beaks, warding off bees, and resting on the perch of the feeder. We had a baby hummer this year and I just adored watching him grow. Hopefully, he will remember where the good eating joints are next summer.

Our granddaughter began kindergarten this year and now we don't babysit her during the week. In some ways, this is a good thing. I have a lot of other family members to check on and I need to catch up with some much needed household chores.

And the sewing! There is so much to be done in my room that I can barely move because of the piles. I need a few good weeks of my husband away on business to get some more done ;). This week he is going fishing so I should catch up a little bit. Meanwhile, Christmas approaches and I am still debating about the dog quilt I am making for BIL and his wife. More on that later.

Well we are off to visit friends today and take our Helena out to lunch to hear all about her first week of school! Should be fun :)
Have a safe and blessed day!

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