Saturday, September 19, 2009

Duck, Duck, Poodle!

This is duck--or rather the duck head that rolled out of the toybox that Nana was cleaning.
It quacked the whole time it rolled and must have been an Easter toy that Helena had broken.

These are the puppies that ran to the duck head as it rolled out of the toybox and quacked it's way to the living room. This was much needed excitement at 3P and N!!!

Seamus assumes the puppy bow position although he isnt' quite sure he wants to bite this duck.

Paddie, the oldest dog, isn't buying this duck business.

Ted isn't sure what to make of it either but he likes when it rolls, he did put it in his mouth but decided it didn't taste right, probably because it is missing orange sauce.
The old broad decides the kids are having way too much fun. She doesn't want the duck, she just wants to remind them of her rank. Although the boys are way bigger than her, they won't take her on but stand respectfully until she tires of this and goes on her way (hence giving her a little bit of fun).
This thing is so great. Teddy becomes the Ottoman Emperor and lets Seamus take on the duck.
Now don't you wish you had a duck too?


Dawn said...

Such a cute post! Your dogs are so beautiful. I'm also loving all the colors and florals in that room!

We don't have a duck but you should see the fun we have with the hamster in it's ball rolling around chasing the big dogs!



Oh that is funny ! Thank you for sharing