Monday, September 14, 2009

Brian Boitano: The Ice Man Cooketh

It's early Sunday afternoon. I'm in the middle of piecing a new lap quilt. And then I realize it's 12:50 pm! I need to rush downstairs for BRIAN!!!!!

It's true: I finally found a man that makes me want to be on time.

It's a rarity that I post about a tv show but I am soooooo enjoying Brian Boitano's new show on the Food Network: "What would Brian Boitano Make?" that I just have to encourage everyone to check it out.

I know what your saying......the same Brian Boitano who won the 1988 Olympics? Yup, that one. Turns out, Brian is one heck of a cook with a great sense of humor which makes the show a concoction of fun, culinary expertise, and camp. This show is funny enough to make me burst out laughing but YET, each time I watch it, I learn at least one (usually more) new technique or recipe that I just HAVE to try. It's what a great cooking show should be and all too often is not.

Two other reasons to watch the show: The first is that Brian thinks outside the box with his recipes, reminding us that we can think of topics in a variety of ways...his ideas are wonderfully creative and clever. I mean who would break the recipe of paella down to numerous appetizer recipes or put an Italian twist on coq au vin?
Brian celebrates the ordinary. Yesterday the show was a dinner party to mark his friend's sixth month of motherhood. There is clearly a joy in Brian that he wants to share and that IS contagious. I like his philosophy. Now that I am well into middle age, I believe if we don't have reasons to celebrate that inventing some is about the most wonderful gift we can give ourselves and those that surround us.
For me (in my funk these days) it is a really positive way to begin my week. Shouldn't we all start our week with a dollop of inspiration, a cup of creativity, and a belly full of laughter?
WATCH THIS SHOW. Food Network has it on a difficult time: 1 pm Eastern. It's a tough slot to gain followers so I want to urge you to check out Brian's show. If the Food Network is smart, they will start running this show in the evenings--a good match would be to pair with the Ace of Cakes.
(photo from Food Network)

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CC said...

I also watched Brian's show yesterday..the one with the baby 6 month celebration...and I just loved it. He's easy and fun to watch..I'm gonna enjoy seeing more of him. I've also been looking at more of your blog and drooling over your quilts and fabric selections. You're so wonderfully talented.