Tuesday, March 30, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: March 30, 2021


It's To-Do-Tuesday and time to write up a list of things we hope to accomplish!  I have to remember to post at Chris Knits (also a great source of inspiration).  Last week I forgot to link up and I forgot to really list my goals for the week.  The truth is my head is already in the garden and I did get to do a little work last Saturday!  Because of gardening my goals will be minimal until I get the early spring chores done:  weeding, laying down new soaker hoses, mulching.  The weeding is taking long enough because though my knee continues to improve, crawling around in the garden is still not an option. 😒

Last week I finished my SARR top.  I ran out of steam on this one and it's bigger than I wanted.  I may still take the green border off.  It's on the "think about" pile for now.

I wanted to do something with these HST four patches last week.
I decided to put a coordinating alternate block in them.  This is probably going to be a donation quilt and I'm half done with the piecing already.  Here's the layout I chose:

My only goals for the next week are to finish this top and cut fabric for Kairle Oaks' Sew Along.  The Double Dip quilt has me jazzed and I may do two of these this year.  For now, I'm going to cut the fabric.  I have a lot of rust fabric in my stash (I'm not sure why I even bought this color--I think I ordered one color but it was the wrong number).  Anyway, I'll use up the fabric for my first quilt.  You can see Kairle's quilt here.

Have a safe and happy day and enjoy the spring weather!


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Good luck on your goals. We've had so much rain here that I've only been able to get a few early things into the garden. Hoping to do lots more over the coming days. I'm with you, once those days hit there's not much time for sewing or anything else though I'm continually trying to cut back now that it's just hubs and I.

Bonnie said...

Love the picture of folks in the garden. I hope you can get what you want done without causing more knee problems. I like what you've done with the red, white and blue hst. The extra fabric really makes this a cute quilt. I like that it doesn't scream patriotic, and yet it is. Thanks for the heads up on the Double Dip info. It really looks great in 2 colors. I doubt if I'll sew along but I definitely kept the pattern. Who knows, I might go wild at some point and make one too. Have a good week.

Deb said...

Love the picture of ladies in the garden.
I too am anxious for spring . Don't overdo,
save the sore knee so you can dig in later!

Stay safe and sew on !

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Happy gardening season, Michele! We're just getting to the point here where we can work in the yard, but the garden has to wait a bit longer. I love what you did with your round robin - fresh and springy colors! The Hst design is fun, too. I looked up the Double Dip quilt and it is really pretty - will make a fun sew along.

Linda said...

I love your gardening picture - exactly the type of funny stuff I love to do. I ran out of steam on my SAHRR too and took off 2 of the borders. I guess mine is in the "think" pile too - lol. Good luck with your garden!

chrisknits said...

There is a season for everything, so take time for the garden, quilting will wait! Love the RWB top you have going! One of my fav combos! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!