Tuesday, March 23, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: March 23, 2021

It's To-Do-Tuesday and I've to little to show this week.  Today I'm taking Jenny's  quilt to Terri's--my machine quilter.  

Last week's goals:  Use up two charm packs for a baby quilt:  

Blocks are finished!  I wanted to donate some baby quilts for my friend who is collecting baby quilts for her church.  Turns out I had some finished that I could give her.  I still finished all my HST blocks but then didn't like the size or lack of color so I ordered coordinating fabric to put in alternating blocks.  I'm thinking this would make a better picnic quilt.

The applique quilt:  Still working on it.  I thought I had this one all ready to go but now I'm back to the design board.  I found more poodle fabric (gee, what a surprise) and want to finish more blocks up.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by scraps?  Although I've been doing some scrap quilts, I couldn't fit all the scraps in the scrap drawer 😟  Over the weekend I found this free quilt pattern for "Floating Beads" at Jordan Fabrics and thought I would make one of these quilts to donate.  I had a box of strips that wouldn't fit in the drawer.  I got the scraps cut (and yippee all the scraps fit in the drawer now) and still have to cut the alternating white fabric.

It's a busy week because my husband is home and we always have projects we need to do while he is home.  Not sure how much I'll get sewn but hopefully some progress!

Have a safe and happy day!

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Julierose said...

I am totally overwhelmed with scraps here--so much so that I threw out (gasp) a lot--I know, not good, but I still have bags, baskets and bins full...and I need to work with my ACTUAL stash fabrics for a change...also have tons of charms and mini charms. I can't seem to get a handle on things...this has been quite the year I guess...for us all.

I love your little poodle fabric--so cute--did I tell you I grew up with my
black mini-poodle "Jou Jou"? I had her until I was 16--when she began having epileptic fits and we had to let her go...so sad...we loved her dearly...
We are definitely dog lovers here...
The floating beads pattern looks like a great scrap user...
hugs, Julierose