Tuesday, August 18, 2020

To-Do-Tuesday: August 18, 2020

It's To-Do-Tuesday and many of us bloggers like to list goals that we hope to accomplish during the next week.  This party is hosted by our friend Roseanne at Home Sewn By Us.  Be sure to visit her blog and the other bloggers that participate.

The weather broke and I spent more time working in the garden than sewing.  Last week I filled 5 garbage cans with weeds and I have another 3 full this week.  It had just been too hot to do any work in the garden and I'm grateful for the few days of tolerable temperatures.  

In a weird turn-about, I actually finished a goal from two weeks ago and finished Block 3 of my embroidered quilt.  I am now working on Block 4.

Last Week's Goal:

1-Get more and better sleep:  It's a battle but I am making an effort to get better rest, even if it means taking a nap.  Almost everyone I spoke to last week is having similar sleep problems.  It's the pandemic and a lot of stressful news.  Sleep is important if we are going to stay healthy and for me, it means sewing better so I don't have to undo what I've stitched.  How are your sleep patterns these days?

2-Prepare tops for the quilter:  Done!  

3-Complete scrap quilt blocks:  Half-Done!

Next week's goals:

1-Take tops to the quilter.

2-Complete more of the scrap quilt blocks.

3-Work on Block 4 of the embroidered quilt.

The goals are simple.  Life is busy these days so I get done what I get done.

Have a safe and happy day!


Elvira said...

Es bueno hacer una parada en nuestras labores, luego saldrán mejor

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I missed this post Tuesday, Michele! You're right about sleep being so important and hard to come by these days. I have been having very strange dreams lately! I do admit I look forward to a nap in the afternoons! Have a great week!