Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Like Thursdays: August 27, 2020

Good morning!  Today is I Like Thursday!  Hosted by LeeAnna, we try to fill the internet with positive energy!

My prayers go out to all those impacted by Hurricanes this week.  

Today I like that I know what day it is.  I totally missed "To-Do-Tuesday" (sorry Roseanne).  When Brad is self-isolating, we tend to lose track of time.  I haven't sewn at all this past week.  I've been gardening (mostly watering) and assessing what needs to be changed.  I rearranged this border yesterday because the temperature was cool enough.

I'm reevaluating the garden for the moves that need to be made in the fall.  The small hydrangea bush under the window has been struggling because of too much sun.  So that will need to be moved.  Shade is scarce in the back garden so I cleared a space that I hope will be more beneficial.

I like clean bird baths!  My husband scrubbed this one out yesterday and it looks almost brand new! Thanks hubby!

I like second blooms.  Sometimes they are unexpected and sweet gifts of the garden!

That's all I have to report today.  Soon enough it will be cool to be outside for very long and I'm savoring the fresh air while I can!  

Have a safe and happy day!


Roseanne said...

Hi Michele! No worries about missing Tuesday - I almost missed it myself. Seeing your garden photos make me smile - especially the clean bird bath. I can just imagine the birdies splashing about in it. Is Fall a good time to split plants? I have a few that have outgrown their spot and should definitely be split. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

grammajudyb said...

The gardens this year have been suffering. It’s the hot wind I think! I had to move my potted tomatoes and I don’t know if they will survive!
I really need to give some thought to more perennials! Dead heading petunias and geraniums this year has really been a chore!
My strawberries are having a second setting of fruit, if I can outwit the birds!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The days all blend together when you have to stay home so much. It's that way for us too. Love your pretty flowers! We will have to water soon if it doesn't rain this week! It's HOT here!

LA Paylor said...

paper wasps took to using our fountain, then it got the nastiest scum on it. We drained it and are letting the dry hot air kill whatever that was. How shall we clean it Brad?
yes to second blooms!
your article this week was really good on the PA piecemaker

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

My garden is definitely baking in the heat this year - lots of watering needed! Your garden is so amazing - worth spending that time on. I've never grown hydrangeas, so it's good to know they can't handle too much sun or heat. said...

I almost missed I Like Thursday for the same reason. I have lots of plants struggling this year. I was going to move a rose, alas it didn't make it. I am not thinking about a Rose of Sharon, and worrying about a pear tree that seems a bit peaked suddenly. Love your garden. Your birdbath fountain it is solar? Wherever did you get it?

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Love your garden as usual. Yes, the days seem to run together now. My poor lonely citrus tree is really struggling to live in our dangerous heat this summer. Hope it makes it.

Libby in TN said...

Thanks for the tip on hydrangeas; most of mine are in full sun and are struggling. I know what you mean about losing track of days. I had a dental appointment that involved a day trip to Nashville on Monday and the rest of the week I've been a day off. Today is Friday, right?

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Thanks to the heat this summer, I've had some reflowering too which is unusual.
We often ask each other what day is it. We did that before all this so now we're really bad. My birdbath gets green with algae and I have to give it a bit of a scrub now and then. I'm not sure if that is harmful to birds or not.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I have a similar bird bath but I need to clean mine. Such pretty flowers! I can't believe it's almost fall. The summer flies by every year!

dq said...

It is easy in today's world to lose track of the days! I kind of like it!

I love your flowers!

Shannon said...

Your garden is fantastic! I did a bunch of work in my flower beds this weekend, mostly weeding and doing some additional staking of my dahlias which were getting floppy.