Tuesday, July 7, 2020

To-Do-Tuesdays: July 7, 2020

Well it's To-Do-Tuesday and that means a bunch of us post our sewing goals for the coming week.  It's hosted by dear Roseanne at Home Sewn By Us!  Check out what others are hoping to do as well!

I didn't accomplish as much as I hoped this past week.  I spent a lot of time watering our extensive garden (only three brief rains in the last four weeks).  Plus my husband has returned to work and I spent a lot of time helping him getting ready and making sure he has all the PPE he will need.

Although I pieced Nora's and Ariana's top, I'm still debating on whether or not to border it in pink.  Mom suggested just using the pink for the binding.  I'm inclined to keep the pink border like on Ariana's quilt.  What do you think?

Binding my plus quilt is going slowly mostly because I've been busy and it has been HOT!  I did get one length of it bound but have a ways to go yet...

Next week's goals:
Finish Nora's and Ariana's quilts!
Continue binding Plus quilt (if it's cool enough)
Cut fabric for the tree quilt (a new old project).

The tree quilt:  I think because of the pandemic, I'm really changing how I want my quilts to look.  It also could be because I'm really tired of the busyness of novelty quilts.  

Anyway the tree quilt fabric I bought for a specific pattern called "Pane by Pane" which was published in Fons and Porter's magazine in 2014 (geez, I didn't realize I had this fabric this long).  

Now I just want to make the quilt more visually simpler.  I don't want the half blocks or the blue or too many colors.  I think this is a phase and like I said, it is most likely because we are so overwhelmed by the pandemic that I just want to keep things visually simple.

Well I hope you have a wonderful day!  Stay safe!


Julie in GA said...

I agree that the second 4-patch quilt would look better with a pink border like the first one.

Roseanne said...

Hi Michele! I have been thinking of you all weekend since it's been so hot. I can only stand to be in the sewing room for a short bit of time, and I think you sew in the attic? I can't imagine that. Same with binding - I love doing it but not when it's 100 degrees, literally. I kind of like the pink border around the quilt but then I can see where a pink binding would offer a similar effect. That tree quilt looks interesting! Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your pink quilts are so cute! I would like the pink border on the second one, too. Have fun starting the new one! It's hot here in Colorado, too - my garden was really wilty when I got around to watering it today, and mine is much smaller than yours!

Sherrie said...

I like your pink quilts...so colorful. I think you should use the
pink border on the second one too...it's been hot here in Indiana for the last 2 weeks. Have a great day!