Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Challenge quilts from guild!

Last night at our guild, we had our challenge meeting!  As you might recall, our challenge this year was to use a panel--in a quilted piece that could be a quilt or a garment or other type of item (as long as it was quilted).

The evening was so full of inspiration that I had to share the photos with you!

 The above was FLANNEL and she cut apart an additional panel to make the border.  We couldn't figure out how she did that without ruining the flannel.   Turns out she did find it challenging but if you knew this quiltmaker, you would know how great she is!

I think this one looks like a bakery shop window:

This took first place, the panel was the background piece:

 Doggie quilt and wall hanging!!!

This piece had this amazing border along the side:

paper pieced border of triangles:

 This was a quillow:

Hope you enjoyed the photos from our meeting.
It was really a fun challenge and I found all these diverse ideas so inspiring.
I hope you did too!
Have a great day!

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Allie said...

FANTASTIC - looks like everybody met the challenge perfectly!