Sunday, December 10, 2017

Scout's first snow!

It was the first snow for Baby Scout yesterday!  It started earlier than expected, and we were surprised that we didn't get the 1-3 inches predicted.  By last night we had nearly 5 inches.  Scout's impressions were that it was curious, edible, and decorates the nose well. 

Finding a place to do her business became more problematic as the snow continued to accumulate.  But this morning she decided she rather enjoyed the stuff and darted out the back door before I could get her coat on her.
And then she hid from me because she didn't want to come in:
Silly goil!

I'm grateful that my husband is actually home to shovel the stuff!  But I'm also wary.  Snow this early is not a good sign and we could be in for a challenging winter.  Well we have food and heat so we are doing okay!  Hope you stayed safe and warm yesterday and have a wonderful day!


Libby in TN said...

Scout is too cute, hiding so she can play in the snow! Mid-TN dodged the bullet; it all went to the south of us! We've had such a weird weather year that it is hard to predict what the winter will be like. Now that MIL is no longer with us, at least we don't have to worry about care-givers walking up and down our hill! We'll just keep the larder well stocked and hunker down, if necessary.

Sandra :) said...

LOL she's having fun in the snow because she doesn't have to shovel it! I love her coat - it looks adorable :D We now have snow that's staying - this is actually probably average or a bit late, for what we've been getting for the last few years. I would have been happy with a green Christmas :D

Have been sick for over a week now - I call it a Humira cold - the injections make me prone to catching stuff, and my body can't fight it off so I stay sick for ages. I had an ear infection that I couldn't beat for MONTHS - that was awful. Fortunately I'm starting to feel better, but I can't get rid of this deep hacking cough. My neighbour has it as well, but she thinks it's because she keeps getting exposed to it at school (she's a teacher). My house is only half decorated and it's probably going to stay that way - I have Christmas sewing that needs to get done, so everything else is taking a back seat :D Today I made the 2nd of 2 mesh drawstring bags shaped like fish! Those are gifts for great nephews :D I have to go downstairs tonight to cut out a "board" for a bean bag toss game - that should use up some nice stash! BTW - I'll look for the gingerbread square recipe (from your other post) - will send it to you :D Stay warm, stay safe! *hugs* :)

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

OMG Cuteness!!! It sounds like having a toddler around. Enjoy. mary