Thursday, December 7, 2017

I like Thursdays: December 7, 2017

Greetings and welcome to another addition of what is good in our little world!  If you need some positive thoughts, join LeeAnna and the other bloggers by visiting Not Afraid of Color!

Scout updates:  Always an adorable baby, today she is going to get groomed and be very pretty for the holiday.

Our sleeping baby!

 Little bear like to hang out at the wall and check out what is going on!

It's Christmas time in the city and Scout and I have been enjoying our walks and viewing people's decorations!  This week's favorite:
 I love gingerbread and have a whole folder of ginger recipes.  This week I discovered gingerbread cookie donuts at Dunkin' Donuts.  It's not as a great as a gingerbread cookie but it's not bad either!
Sandra said she made gingerbread bars which intrigues me.  I'm not sure she got my email or not but I would love to know which recipe she used and how it turned out.  I'm thinking of  making the bars for our Christmas brunch.  I'm not really interested in making cut-out cookies anymore and gave the bulk of my cookie cutters to Jessica.

I like the Indie Craft Fair!  It is only one day a year but it sure is fun!  Carol and I go each year!
I didn't get as much as I normally do this year but there were less vendors this time around.  Hopefully it will be full next year as the products they supply are different and interesting.  It's an inspirational day for Carol and me and we get to pick up a few Christmas gifts!
 The really cold weather is approaching and I know I'll be baking some things this weekend for the holiday and of course for my hubby:
Have a wonderful week!


LA Paylor said...

omg Scout is adorable. Everytime I see her gray face, I look at Milo, who's much grayer than he was and think he's a blue too. He's actually giving us gray hair!

Is Scout as playful as he is? Whew! Forgot what energy puppies have. Our babies are 9 months old! Who'd have thunk it that we'd have survived?

I love gingerbread, and the smell while cooking is yum. No baking for me this year.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Scout is so sweet looking! I love that ice skate decoration. Enjoy your baking. I don't think I will do any as our kitchen is just too small to operate in but I do plan to purchase some goodies for Christmas brunch. mary in Az

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Good luck with your hunt for gingerbread bars. I'm looking for a gingerbread biscotti recipe as I always make biscotti this time of year. Scout, like Milo, is just so darned cute.

Shannon said...

I love your pup peering over the wall!! Mine has taken to doing that to my bed in the morning, putting his front feet on and nosing at me because he's ready for a walk. It does not matter to him that it is only 5:15, no he is ready. now. mama, now.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele,
Look how cute Scout is sleeping like a baby. I love dogs. That tree with the ice skate on it is very inventive and clever. It looks like a real skate, too! I do not share your love of ginger but that donut looks pretty darn good to me. I would eat it right now if it were handy. ~smile~ Roseanne

Sandy said...

Love the dog looking over the wall!
Our Pepper used to go to the low place in the fence to woof the cats and see who was passing on the path in the back. On our side the fence was low, but it is because our back garden was built up level, rather than follow the hill, so on the other side it was 6ft up. But she was clever enough not to jump. A Border Collie Cross

On the other hand, Holly, who we have now is completely different, a rescue...possible part Patterson Terrier. So when 'the red mist' comes down for chasing something, clever never comes into it! She gets lost when walking with my husband in the forest and he whistles and calls every now and then so when she 'comes to' she can find him again.
We were afraid she would leap over the fence and break herself on the other side. So, when next door recently had their fence redone we got our back one done, too. And so, now the low place is about 5ft on our side and Very Tall on the other side.
Sandy in the UK said...

Oh my the pictures of Scout looking over the wall is fabulous. Love craft fairs but for some reason around here their hours are like 10-2. Love the decoration of the sled with the skate.

PaintedThread said...

Gingerbread bars sound good. I love bars - no messing with multiple cookie sheets. That gingerbread cookie doughnut is too much! lol

Sandra :) said...

OMG she looks just like a bear in that second picture, lol! ScoutBear! What are those little (leather?) (black or brown) cat shaped snap items in the haul picture?