Thursday, September 7, 2017

I like Thursday, September 7, 2017

I like that the SUN is shining today!
And so does Scout!  
We've had rain for quite a few days and are relieved to have some sunshine today.
What do I like this week?  I like that I can sew while it is raining.  I have a lot of scraps and thought I would use some of them up for donation quilts.  Yesterday I finished this one:

Scout poses on my quilts just like Seamus used to.  She is too adorable for words!  She is healing well and gets her last therapy appointment this week.
Now I'm working on this one.  I tend to cut scraps into charms or jelly roll sizes so piecing these have been really easy.  

I like things to be organized.
I like collections but I think they should displayed (or why keep them?) and put together in a place, here is one example of my display case with my bisque dolls:
I picked up this piece recently and am in love with the shape.
Plus the inside has drawers!  I'll probably use this for storage in my sewing room:
My favorite recent find is this spool shelf which I hope to hang in the cornerr above my desk:
I won't be gardening until the soil dries out and to be honest, I took a fall this week and am too sore to be digging around.  So I'll continue to sew.  

Prayers this week for those in Florida, the Caribbean, and those recovering in Texas.  
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Have a wonderful day!


Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I hope you are healing well from your fall. It also looks like Scout is healing well. Your donation quilts are pretty especially the pastels one. Enjoy this day of sunshine! mary in Az

PaintedThread said...

I like that cabinet with the drawers, too!

I hope you and Scout continue to feel better.

LA Paylor said...

adorable, the whole kit and caboodle from Scout to the shelf. The "armoir" reminds me of a Barbie one I had. We can't find anyone to do Milo's therapy out here... want to get home so they can start.

Sherrie said...

Great shots. Love spindle shelf.
Have a great day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love all your furniture finds - it looks like you have a knack for that! The little cabinet full of dolls is adorable! Your quilt designs are giving me ideas, thanks for the inspiration!

Sandra :) said...

I'm glad Scout is getting better, but you need to be careful too, missy! *shakes a motherly finger @ Mickie* :D I guess we'll have to come down to see the new furniture, eh? Spring, maybe! ;)

I like things to be organized too - I have many containers in my sewing area to keep things sorted - from small bead containers to full sized Rubbermaid bins to several pieces of (rather ugly) furniture. I'd love to be able to use up enough stuff that I can get rid of some of the containers, but so far - not much luck ... and that doesn't bother me much, haha. I have a cute 3 shelf rolling rack @ my sewing machine (from Ikea) that holds my most used cones of thread in the middle, my bobbins and some projects on top, and future projects in the bottom. As I finish up the projects on top, I replenish the stack from the bottom pile or from other storage areas - I like to be able to quickly grab or pick a project and get right to work, when the urge fits. That's why I like having projects kitted to work on - for me, it's a real time saver! This morning, coincidentally, I picked out a bag of "Mickie/Carol" fabrics (tea cups with flowers, pretty feminine prints) and decided that most of the bits would be perfect for very girly pencil cases :D That bag will get worked on bit by bit, as I find fabrics for lining and the right colour zippers - I always have things around me in varying stages of completion (I blame the short attention span!) - it makes me happy to see all kinds of projects and notions and fabrics wherever I look :) I just don't need to see quite as much volume as I currently see, LOL! ;)