Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Like Thursday, September 21, 2017

Shana Tova! 
It's Rosh Hashanan and I wish a Happy and Sweet New Year to all my Jewish friends!

This week I am just getting things together before Scout gets spayed next week. There is a lot of debate as to when to spay a dog at this point.  My vet said that the pros and cons are about even for doing it now (when she is 6 months old) or waiting until after she has a heat or two.  The turning point for me was finding out that my neighbor's rat terrier is a stud dog and I don't want rat terrier/poodle puppies!

Speaking of Scout, she is doing very well and is a very cute puppy.  She has a variety of nicknames throughout our neighborhood and literally grazes through the streets as we take our constitutionals.  It seems like everyone wants to give her a treat or a biscuit and they have transferred their affection of Seamus to her--even if she does still jump a bit.  
As I have mentioned before, she is a blue standard and is now beginning to really gray.  I like her coloring and now giggle when I look at her face.  She is greying towards the top of her ears and it reminds me of Jameson from Spiderman comic books (I'm a mom of a comic book collector).

I also like her new collar which has her name and my phone number embroidered on it:
I like pruning my garden.
It's therapeutic and the pay off is that I often get a rebloom of flowers.
 That the hostas will rebloom surprised me this year:
 Rudbeckia with caryopteris behind it:
 Canterbury bells:
 Fever few and caryopteris:
I posted this late and apologize!
I hope you have a great weekend!