Friday, September 15, 2017

End of September Sewathon

I finished this skateboard top this morning.  
It will be a donation quilt for Camp Erin.

Now it's back to business as usual.  My husband returns home from Peru this weekend, lecture season begins next week, and I have to start thinking about Scout's spaying on September 27.

I'm glad I had the past 13 days as a sewathon while the hubs been away.  I finished 6 tops, three of which were all scraps.  The skateboard quilt and the Origin tops were UFOs.  I had an entirely different pattern for Origin but I couldn't find the pattern and couldn't even remember my original concept.  Doing a square in a square is totally simple but at least it is a top.

I'd love to tell you that after all this sewing, I see a substantial difference in my stash but alas, it looks the same.  I will however do more of the square scrap quilts.  They are easy to do, and I have many bins of scraps to use up yet.

It's time to head to my machine quilter now so I have quilts I can bind while Scout is recovering.  This weekend I will be packing up quilts for the lecture next week and cooking up some meals for my husband.  

Have a wonderful day!


Sandra :) said...

As I was reading your post and the part about making 3 quilt tops with scraps, my mind went to the ... "I wonder if she noticed a difference in her scraps stash?" ... but you answered the question right in the post :D I've found as well that there's no noticeable difference even after substantial scrap usage - it's a problem! Not the worst problem in the world to have, though :D You got a lot done - your quilter is going to be a busy lady! And the recipients, of course, will be quite pleased to be wrapped in hugs :) Welcome back, Brad (I see you posted this a few days ago so he should be home now) *waves madly in Brad's general direction* :)

claudia said...

Scraps breed in storage! Didn't you know that???

LA Paylor said...

yes... we have to come to terms with our fabrics as art materials which will never be used up. We need critical mass to create. Then our souls will reluctantly walk away from it when we're done. Spaying... Milo must wait til we move.