Thursday, August 4, 2011


Not much to report here.  I've been reviewing my fabric stash and have a couple of stacks started:
for bibs, placemats (for seniors who get meals on wheels), burp clothes for odd shaped fabric and some wall hangings for the kids to craft. 
I do have one unusual thing to report.  On Saturday I found this in my mail box:
Isn't it pretty?  I am just not sure why it was in my mailbox or who left it....


Allie said...

Well good for you on getting organized! What an odd [but really pretty] thing to find in your mailbox, lol!

Sandra :) said...

LOL the mysterious cake server leaver strikes again!!

I have stacks too, in my sewing room. Many stacks. MANY MANY MANY stacks!!! Not too many though - just the right number (if I plan on living to be 173 years old, that is) :D