Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gifts from Canada's Best!!!

Got me a great package in the mail late Monday!  Wanted to post about it yesterday but for whatever reason, blogger was being difficult.  So....drum roll please!

The package was from Sandra in Canada!  We are doing some swaps right now, I make some things for her goodie bags and in return..., oh wait hers even comes in a pink gingham gift bag!
 But wait there's more!!!  She made some sunbonnet zippies for me to give to helpers when I do my "History of the sunbonnet quilt pattern"  lectures!   Of course I have to keep one for myself :)  Because they are too cute.....

She even embellished them!!!

But wait there's even more!  Just check out these two dear sunbonnet charms, they are adorable!!
And even sent me a bag of stars for my projects (those will be used well).
Thank you dear Sandra!  I just love my package of wonderfulness! :)


quilter000 said...

Oh what a nice package. She does great work and you Mickie. Love it all. How cute are those little charmers too. Mickie do you travel to give lectures? Patty pat

Sandra :) said...

*blush* *smile* :) Glad you like your package!

Allie said...

Sandra is AWESOME - isn't her stitching perfect!