Monday, August 29, 2011

after the storm

30 minutes after I posted yesterday, we lost power again.  Fortunately, power was restored after 8 hours; many others in our valley are still not lucky.  First days of school have been cancelled and many businesses are still closed.  We've been asked to conserve water and although the city says it's drinkable, we are drinking bottled water.

 I feel blessed that we did not sustain any real damage.  Although our streets are lined with debris and tree branches, people are out cleaning up and arranging the branches for the street department to get them:
We are so blessed that no one was seriously hurt in our family or neighborhood.  My stepson Nik did have major flooding because his sump pump didn't work when the power went out.  Still, his family is fine and the insurance company will take care of the house.  Some folks weren't so lucky.  This poor family in our neighborhood had not one but two trees fall on their house:
One tree fell on top of the peak, the other is still on the side of the house.

No one seems to have been hurt but who knows what kind of structural damage the house took?  Today I am counting my blessings and grateful that we were spared.


Linda said...

We're so glad you came through it as well as you did! I hope the weather will settle down into a more "normal" pattern soon!

Sarah said...

What a crazy destructive storm. My brother-in-law and family in NC-just south of first land fall are safe and I'm glad you are as well.

Allie said...

Oh that poor family, I hope there's no structural damage! So thankful that everyone is ok, hon, and that you had no damage.

Dawn said...

I'm happy to see you weathered the storm!