Friday, February 25, 2011

Seamus, Star Dog

The highlight of our week:  Seamus visited the local middle school's, "Dog Lover's Club."  He had a blast and the kids loved him :)  I think it is so cool that the middle school has this club anyway!  We had a great day and Seamus got lot of petting and hugs. 


Allie said...

How adorable is he - and how fun for him and the kids! Go, Seamus!

Sandra :) said...

GO SEAMUS GO ... oh wait, Allie already said that, LOL!!


Allie - I met Seamus in person last year - he's as adorable IRL as he is in the photos, lol! Oh don't worry Teddy - you're a sweetie too!! :)

Carol said...

What a fabulous idea. Seamus looks like he is loving the attention.

You are one of my PIF winners.